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about us

Mystic Wonders Inc. (MWI) was born 1-01-01. MWI is the result of two small lowa companies combining their years of knowledge and ability to design, formulate and enhance safe everyday products. With their concern for the environment MWI concentrated on perfecting the laundry ball to the best laundry aid possible that would work through physics and at a price the consumer would  appreciate. The cost is only $1.11 per month to use. The Consumer Protection Group of Omaha NE subjected the original MWI formulation to thorough 3-week testing program in 1998. The results of testing the laundry aid were very positive. “Yes, the laundry ball treats the water, you still need to pre-treat stains as claimed.” It is the science of tomorrow here today.

Fern with her first washing machine
Fern with her first washing machine in 1955!
Fern and her Daughter, Barbara, at a show
Fern and daughter, Barbara, at a show in KY