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There have been a couple of positive things using the John Ellis water that have impacted my health and food preparation I would like to share in this testimonial.

I have a lot of aches and pains in my body and joints. There was recently a four-day period where the joint pain was unbearable and moving about was very difficult. All I could do is wait for the John Ellis energized water to arrive. It came on the fourth day I was in pain, and I opened the box and immediately pored a half cup of this life water in my glass and drank it quickly. Drinking the energized water took some initial pain away after a couple minutes, and most of the aches and pains in my joints was gone the following morning after a good night of rest. The best way I can describe this feeling is the following – “It felt like someone had taken out all my bones and just threw them back into my body in no particular order.”

Now that I was finally pain free I decided to see what affect the John Ellis life water would have on my food. I mixed some John Ellis water with purified water in a bowl for washing fruits and vegetables. After washing the vegetables in the John Ellis water the greens immediately came to life. I was so excited I decided to wash some fruit. The fruit also gained some new life from the gnats that were destroying it. Then it occurred to me that the life water had no bacteria, viruses, or pathogens – IT IS PURE, AND LIFE GIVING TO MY FRUITS AND VEGGIES!

Now I cook with John Ellis water and drink it all the time, and I feel totally GREAT!

Sarah C.
Shared with Permission from John Ellis

My Name is Daryl Cook and live in B, New York. A little over a year ago, I ordered my first bottle of John Ellis Water, to see if the claims were true as to the nature of your water. When I received my first bottle, I followed the instructions, and added about ten drops of your water to each 16.9 oz bottle of drinking water I drank. I have to admit I could not believe as I drank the water, I could actually feel the oxygen going into my body. After using your water in this way for several bottles, I was feeling much better than I had before using your water.

In October of 2006, I was diagnosed with asbestosis, and had constant pain in my whole chest cavity. COPD was also diagnosed, both from working almost 20 years in Boiler Plants. My doctor had me on a Compressor/Nebulizer, using Albuterol Sulfate Inhalation solution to help my breathing. But unfortunately it did not help with the inflammation in my chest cavity. I thought I would try your water, instead of the Albuterol Sulfate. I felt it could not hurt, as I probably inhaled at least that amount of water [as steam] when I showered each day. The results were immediate and miraculous. As I inhaled the vapor from the Nebulizer, I could actually feel the oxygen getting into my lungs, and the inflammation went away. I found that if I use the water in this way for 3-4 days, I can go 1-2 weeks without anything until the inflammation begins to come back. Breathing outside in the winter is much easier, with little to no pain.

I was seeing a Pulmonary Specialist for the COPD/Asbestosis on 6 month intervals and I told him what I was doing at the end of one of my visits and he just looked at me and walked out of the room. Six months later when I went to see him, I told him again that I had stopped using the Abuterol Sulfate and was just using the John Ellis water (about 3-4 cc), he listened to my chest. He said my chest was completely clear and to keep doing what I was doing. He also said I would have to see him once a year now.

One more thing. My grandson is 9 years old now, but was born 2 months pre-mature. In January of this year, my daughter-in-law brought him and my granddaughter to my house, to take them to school a few hours later. I noticed my grandson had a Kroop cough. I got the Nebulizer out, and had him breathe the John Ellis Water [3 cc]. Before we left for school, the cough was gone completely.

I can not say enough about Mr Ellis and his water. As soon as I am able to I will be purchasing one of his machines. Both of my grandkids call the treated water. Magic Water, and I will continue to call it just that.

Thank You very much

Daryl Cook
Shared with Permission from John Ellis

I am a type 2 diabetic, and I am trying to use the John Ellis Life Water to improve the circulation in my feet. I plan to soak my feet in some of the water you sending to me because I read somewhere that another diabetic patient benefited from soaking in the Ellis water and improved circulation.

David B.
Shared with Permission from John Ellis

Thank you for all your hard work and research. First like most people I am skeptical. Isn’t water just water? Then like a good father, mine sent me his John Ellis water machine because he purchased the newest model. Now I’ve had distilled water before. It was from a commercial company and they had to run it through a coconut filter to make it palatable. I have now been using the water from your machine for over a year. Personally I will not drink the tap water anymore. The town has a farming history which resulted in high nitrate levels. The PH is so high I tried to have a fish tank and was told to try muriatic acid to lower the PH. It would spike back up quickly. The fish could not survive the high PH. Hmm, must not be good for me either. Enter the John Ellis water machine. The water taste so good I will not drink tap water any longer. My annual lab work has improved. I feel great. Beyond that I gave some to an older friend that had a non healing leg wound, it was dark blue and a year old. He put wet a fresh gauze pad on it every night and it healed. The same persons wife came home after a facial with intense stinging that would not wash or rinse away. She tried a last ditch effort and rinsed with the John Ellis water. The stinging subsided. I heard a second hand story of your water healing sores on an individual caused by diabetes. Another used it on their horse to heal a stubborn leg wound.

Sir, Man kind tends to use the term magic to explain what they don’t understand. The thoughtful rely on science. Reading the online thoughts expressed about your machine show even thoughtful scientific minds casting doubt on the value of your work. Myself I can appreciate science, but most importantly actual results. As science is still catching up with explaining reality. I have seen and heard some amazing things about the results of your work. For me I swear by the quality of the drinking water. I can’t imagine not having it.

Sir, I offer you a heart felt thank you.

Michael Moline
Shared with Permission from John Ellis

I am a 46 year old male who works in maintenance for a county in California. In my 30’s my doctor, Dr. Kaiser told me I was pre diabetic, had very high blood pressure, and my veins were clogging up. I have been on your water for 5 yrs . Now my Dr. Wants to use my blood for research because I am healthier now than before, with no signs of any problems. Oh I should mention I did workout and I did somethings I shouldn’t have, this also was before your water. Once on your water, I had a detoxification and I was scared but then I had physical and it came back clear. My friends and people did not believe it was the water, now most of my family drinks your water and friends always ask for a glass of John Ellis Water. Thank you Mr. Ellis for the real benefit for me and my son always drinks your water, as we call it. God water.

Michael Moline
Shared with Permission from John Ellis

This is Gibgibbers in Venice Beach, CA. In January 2015 I was diagnosed with low-grade blood infection Leukemia. I drank your water (9 gallons) up until July 2015. I got tested in July, and the results showed I tested negative for leukemia. They found I had some Anemia so now I’m on an very low carbohydrate diet. I’m trying to lose some weight as well.

John F.
Shared with Permission from John Ellis

Dear Mr. Ellis,

Thank you for all of your help, patience, and time in answering my many questions and phone call regarding your amazing Living Water and Air Machines. I always try to research in detail everything I can that has to do with any purchase, especially when it comes to equipment and machines. With the topic of water filtration systems it becomes even more involved, with the many products that have been on the market, and the newer ones, all claiming to be the best.

I spoke to many companies, and yet with all theirs claims no one talks about the disease markers and the disease memory that is in all water, no matter what filtration or purification process it went through. No one speaks about electrons that kill the free radicals that cause cancer. No one mentions the fact that all water as we know it, cannot hold free oxygen electrons that act asantioxidants, or free radicals killers. No one talks about the structure of water, and permanently breaking the extremely tight hydrogen bonds, which is the key to having the water products permanently hold these electrons. No one, especially the manufacturers of oxygenated water products, explain the fact that oxygen is a two edged sword. It is needed for life, yet its high reactivity robs electrons and causes free radicals that cause cancer and other diseases. And no one tells us the simple truth that everything is electrons, including you!

And still after all of this, we need proof. Well, we can prove it to ourselves. I do not own a hot tub, but my niece has a small, two inch, fresh water African frog named Henry. These frogs live under the water. He is in a 4 gallon plastic tank with some colored rocks and fish tank decorations. It was filled with tap water. Three months ago I bought a small inexpensive air pump with a small carbon filter, so that I could save my sister the trouble of changing the water every five days. That is all, no chemicals or aquarium products added. Without the air pump and filter, the water would get cloudy and smell after about five days.

I was fortunate enough to get a sample of Electron Energized Distilled Water made from a LWM Electron 4 Machine, and now it was time to prove it myself. I took the air pump and filter out the tank. I left all the same water in the tank, with all of the waste and food from the previous three months. I did not even wipe or clean the sides of the top of the tank above the water line, which were covered with a layer of film. I poured into the tank about 10 oz of the energized distilled, which is equal to about 2% of the 4 gallons. Then I let it sit stagnant and accumulate the waste and decaying food.
It has been 4 weeks and the water is still CRYSTAL CLEAR, and it still smells clean and Henry is doing great. In fact when I first poured it in, he came out of his hiding place.

You do not need to be a rocket scientist to figure out what happened here, nor do you need elaborate testing equipment. When the bacterial infestation gets out of control, you can see it and smell it. This would normally start to happen after about five days, not to mention the fact that each additional day would compound the problem. Just by adding 2% of THE WATER to the water, it has remained clean and clear after 4 weeks. Amazing, powerful, and miraculous. I said to myself, If it can do that to Henrys water, imagine what it can do in your body!

Thank you for making your Living Water and Air Machines available to us, and for increasing the electrons added! The LWM ELECTRON 4 is the most amazing, well built, and ingenious thing I ever bought and I love it. It is a precision work horse! It is hard to believe that something so simple can produce such amazing results. But that is the beauty of simplicity -there is more to it than meets the eye. Underneath the surface, it goes infinitely deep. I thank God that I found out about Crystal Clear and pray that I am able to write to you again with even more miraculous testimonies! Thank you Mr. Ellis and God bless you


Chuck Yagiar
Shared with Permission from John Ellis

I own a John Ellis machine. For me, the machine causes several noticeable things to happen. First, I can feel my hands and feet getting very warm after drinking 2 cups. Second, when urinating, I have no difficulty passing the water after drinking it. Prior to using his machine I had difficulty with urination – I am a 49 year old male. Third, it causes an increase in erections at night without any medication or supplements. My cats have a noticeable increase in energy after drinking the water. I firmly believe that the circulation of oxygen in my blood is improved by using the water based on how I feel and how my body reacts to it. At my age, this is an incredible discovery and a great advantage for me. I congratulate John Ellis for his work.

Gary in Oklahoma
Shared with Permission from John Ellis

If it were not for John Ellis Water, I have no confidence I could survive the barrage of viruses, pathogens and otherwise dangerous cooties being coughed my way. Unlike many scoffers, I have direct experience with John Ellis Water, and know it to be more effective than anything, including blood purifiers.
Before drinking John Ellis Water I had been using the John Beck-endorsed Blood Purifier made by Sota Instruments. It worked, and staved off most viral illness, killing infections efficiently. Unfortunately, I got deathly ill with meningitis, and the machine could not save me, even after using it 4-5 times weekly for a year and a half.
I had seen the ads for John Ellis Water in Mother Earth News a couple of years ago, but could not afford the machine. Great fortune for all, they made it available in corked, glass bottles. It was the only thing I was using, and my meningitis was cured. I subsequently developed cervical cancer, which is also being strongly addressed by John Ellis Water. It goes right to the ailment, whatever it is. I had to leave my employment when I contracted meningitis, and subsequently lost my health insurance. I do not know if all of the cancer is gone, but I went from daily, horrendous pain (which was rapidly spreading), to no pain at all. Even though I do not have definitive allopathic proof of the cancer being in remission, the relief of pain is good enough for now. It is working, and I assume it will continue to work. I guess if you are sick enough, your mind opens.

Shared with Permission from John Ellis

I have had one customer who bought John Ellis water from me because she thought her husband had cancer. They ordered nine gallons, and were drinking it straight to help him detox his body. They ended up finding out he did not have cancer, but they also told me they have a family friend whose cancer went away after drinking John Ellis Water. I cannot confirm or deny these claims but I figured so many people would not buy the Life Water if it did not work in some positive way for them.

Robert A.
Shared with Permission from John Ellis

My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005. She went through the surgery, and she was not healing properly. Just by chance my dad was talking with one of his customers named Randy. He started to tell my dad about this John Ellis water. Most people are skeptical about the thought of water being able to help cure injuries. He then showed us a picture of his arms from 6 months before with third degree burns and looking at his arms at that time, he had zero scars. They looked completely normal. He brought us two gallons to give to my mother. She started to drink the water daily, and on her next doctor checkup the doctors could not believe how much of a turnaround her healing had done so fast. She went from possibly having another surgery to being ahead of schedule and perfect healing. We immediately purchased a John Ellis machine.

James D.
Shared with Permission from John Ellis

My Grandmother has varicose veins, and her legs were swelling so bad that she could not walk. We started shipping her John Ellis water to drink to see if it would help. Within a month, she no longer had swelling or pain in her legs. She was 78 and walking better than ever.

James D.
Shared with Permission from John Ellis

Does Crystal Clear market the higher bond angle water for purchase in America? My mom is borderline for needing 02 at night, and I am wondering if this water could help her neuropathy in her legs due to poor circulation. Makes sense that if not enough 02 is reaching her extremities, that a boost would help. Also might help her fight the chronic urinary tract infections she has had for 20 years. The brain is also dependent on an adequate supply of 02 – would be worth trying to see if her cognitive function would improve. I am reaching, but it is not like filling someone full of drugs that could have nasty side effects. Jo

(Crystal Clear –

Yes, they do. I am sending this e-mail over to John Ellis. Hopefully, whomever opens the mail at Crystal Clear will print this off for John. They sell the distillers that do it, and the bottled water. The bottled water is here, on his website: While I know first hand the curative powers of that water, John or one of his people can probably answer your question far better than I. My wifes stage four ovarian cancer turned to a sandy, granular substance that, while still cancer under the microscope, does not attach itself and devour the flesh. My wifes oncologist (depending who you speak to, is the first, second, or third best oncologist in the United States and, he consults with the other two on every case he has, and they likewise, consult with him). When he saw what happened with my wifes cancer, he was baffled. The three oncologists have decided to call her cancer, near cancer. I did not learn, until about three months ago, that the same thing happened to the cancer in the **** *******g survivor I mentioned in the article.

Shared with Permission from John Ellis

I did click on the John Ellis water link. Is that for real? If so, I would sacrifice $1,500 USD to buy and send a machine back to China.

Yes, it is for real. My wife has ovarian cancer. In my wifes case, she started drinking
John Ellis Water and when they operated on her, the cancer (still identifiable as cancer) was reduced to a sandy granular substance that does not attack flesh (which is how cancer kills). Her CA125 is still elevated, but the cancer is not doing anything. Because she has chronic pancreatitis, her immune system is already gone, which means chemo or radiation would kill her. She had the surgery about three years ago. Her condition has not changed. Among the papers I found on Johns website, and used in an ad for him came from a news article written by the Washington Post about 20 years ago about a miracle wellin Mexico. People were coming from hundreds of miles, carrying jugs to fill from this mans well. The well was purified with Johns water. Thousands of miraculous cures were reported. When the Washington Post interviewed the man, he told them there was no miracle water, only water purified by Crystal Clears distillation process. The Post persisted in reporting the miracle.

Shared with Permission from John Ellis

Firstly Thank you! For your help in overcoming the AIDS/ Cancer that visited my body as of 2/1/19 last year.

I started with your E5 Water machine when I found out about it helping folks like me in June.

Now the tumors on my feet which prevented me from walking , being confined in a wheelchair from September ‘19 to Mid-March of 2020 , have dried and flattened. I’m walking a MILE a day on Healed feet . The pictures of the active tumors were too graphic and disturbing when they were in full-expression in October- December.

I chose to work with Chemotherapy and I am very sure that the E5 helped my organs such as heart and liver process the highly toxic drugs pumped into my arm every 3 weeks !

Shared with Permission from John Ellis

The VA can`t believe that I don`t have cancer anymore. Some doctors know about the John Ellis Machine and have one, but, they can`t talk about it.

Alan Burdine
Shared with Permission from John Ellis

Since I bought my 3 Litter bottle last December I feel so different – Have more energy and less aches and pains in my body. I am 81 years young now. ( 82 in April ) Feb 2008 I went off all ( about 15 ) drugs I was taking – What a difference that made in my body! Now even my oldest son went off all his drugs too – He will be 58 in March! Thanks a million!

Appleton, WI
Shared with Permission from John Ellis

I have been drinking electron 4 water for about 9 months. The grey hair that was starting to spread is now almost totally gone. I have been through some fairly severe detoxing but that seems now to be over. My energy levels have never been better and some of those nagging, ongoing illnesses seem to have totally gone. I drink about three litres per day and now I find myself in a panic when I travel overseas for work and cannot take my water. I cannot see myself drinking anything else, ever.

Andrew Moyle
Shared with Permission from John Ellis

BTW: I bought one several months ago and YES as the Inventor claims, it does everything and then some … There are many uses for the water this machine produces … Like it kills a virus in a heart beat …and the health of our baby … perfect water … plants grow bigger … coffee tastes better … my health has improved 100% since drinking the water …. so my advice is to listen to someone that has one of these machines and DO NOT listen to somebody that tells you what they think, knowing that they have not used one …

Dalton Reynolds
Shared with Permission from John Ellis



Cary Kelley
Shared with Permission from John Ellis

I purchased one of the John Ellis machines over a year ago. I realized
that it was an expensive risk, but I simply had not found any other
water I could drink. I had tried everything, and everything made me

This water is fantastic.

I noticed a number of significant health benefits on the very first day. Drinking this water, I felt better than I had in years.

Call it pseudoscience or quackery or snake oil if you like; but you have not experienced the difference it can make.

I will not drink anything else.

Shared with Permission from John Ellis

I have been drinking this wonderful water for four years now. All my animals drink it too, and it makes such a difference on their coat. It makes their coat very shinny and soft. I also gave John Ellis water to my chickens, and I noticed they were bigger than my friend’s chickens. The chickens were bought at the same time from the same group of chickens.
I can’t wait to make my own garden too, and start using the energized water to grow fruits and vegetables. I have more energy and my skin looks so much better. I use the restroom more frequently, and the energized water helps me to eliminate the toxins in my body. It really does make such a big difference. I tell a lot my friends about the healing effects of the water, and some of them are skeptical but that is their loss. My advice would be to keep and open mind and try it!

Lucie H.
Shared with Permission from John Ellis

Cleaned Electron 5 with boiler units immersed in vinegar on bowl as per instructions. About 10 hours of water processing had substantial mineral deposits. 1/2 hour later it all came off with nylon pot scrubby. My body holds the water much longer then previous filtered water.I can tell my arteries are clearing as my energy is going up and I feel much better. Since our water is very hard in Salt Lake City I can see about every 10 hours of water processing doing a cleaning will make cleaning faster then letting it get too mineralized. Thank You,

Shared with Permission from John Ellis

I was visiting Robert in Texas months back, and he showed me his water purification system. I learned the water was a better quality than you could get anywhere. All impurities are removed, and the water tastes amazing. I began to drink only that water for a period of a few days, and I noticed so much difference in the energy levels I had and even my moods. I felt ready to go and energized every single day thereafter. I brought 3 gallons of it with me to my house, and after drinking it for many months I began to lose weight. My overall sense of well being began to improve, and I wanted to begin to make healthier choices. Now my diet is strictly organic, and I my energy has skyrocketed compared to what it was six to twelve months ago. I would absolutely recommend this water to anyone who wishes improvement their life on many levels. Give Robert a call and get some of this Life Water for you and your family. You will be very glad you did!

Jody S.
Shared with Permission from John Ellis

A week after I received my John Ellis water I experienced some amazing results. I started by mixing 1oz to one gallon of purified water. The first thing I noticed was a sizzling feeling running from the bottom of my chest on both sides to the top of my neck. It felt as though it was cleaning out arteries that had some blockage. The energy this Life Water gave me was very intense, and it was different feeling compared to the energy I get mixing Happy Water with purified water. I really felt as if I could have run 2 miles without being phased because I had so much energy. I am going to finish off the gallon I mixed, and then mix 15 drops of Happy Water, and see what effects I get from that. Overall you must try this John Ellis Life Water. The results are simply amazing!

Keith G.
Shared with Permission from John Ellis


I have been using the LWM-5 Electron Machine for 3 weeks now and have noticed I have much more energy throughout the day. My husband has Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and his hands and fingers have always been numb. Multiple Sclerosis is an unpredictable, often disabling disease of the central nervous system that disrupts the flow of information within the brain, and between the brain and body. Since he has started to drink the Energized Life Water (3rd week) he has noticed his hands have started to regain some of the feeling. He can feel tingling in his fingers now which means that his nerves are starting to repair themselves. This is a miracle!

Denise T.
Shared with Permission from John Ellis

Testimonial from 2011

I made an experiment it involved me stopping the use of JELMW water for up to one year.

Well I didn’t quite make it a year and as a result after 24 hours since having my first glass of John Ellis Living Water machine water in 9 months I want to report my observations.

first, I want to states that during this last 9 months I have watched my over all energy drop. Also during this time I went from sound sleep without medications or vitamins. Also I saw an increase in my blood pressure levels, heart rate, and blood thickness. When I would cut myself the blood did not run it generally clotted very quickly as sign of blood thickness which raises blood pressure 112/80 with an average 72 heart beats per min.
Also, I take Tramadol regularly for back pain. Not everyday maybe once or twice a week. As a side note some lower back pain can be attributed to constipation. Something that happens when you used Tramadol. When drinking JELWM and taking Tramadol I had normal evacuation each Morning that is normal for me. While not drinking JELWM water my system would backup anywhere from12 to 24 hours before the next evacuation. So there was a difference.
Upon drinking me first glass of JELWM water in 9 months I had to immediate reactions. As soon as the water hit my stomach my esophagus and stomach had a refreshed feeling. I can’t explain the feeling except to say “ah, refreshing”. Also there was that sort of light headedness I experienced the first time I drank JELWM water 5 years ago.

Later in the day I took my Tramadol 100mg within 20 minutes it seemed for the first time in 9 months100mg was to much (I think I will half my does to 50mgwhere I was 10 months ago with JELWM water). The medication went to work faster than with normal tap water. Also this morning about 12 hours after taking my medication I had a normal bowel evacuation right on time no constipation.

Yesterday, my blood pressure after drinking JELWM water went down to 100/70 with 54 beats per minute. My heart beat is slower but if your getting enough oxygen to your blood it is ok. I felt no dizziness or anything from this slow heart beat. This was noticeable before I stopped drinking JELWM water. This morning my blood pressure was the same with a heart beat around 58. Believe it or not this is my norm when drinking JELWM water. I purposely picked a scab off from a wound I got earlier this week. When it originall happened it barely bled. But after taking the scab off it bleed for a few minutes before stopping. This was observed to be normal when I was younger and after drinking JELWM water.

I slept sound last night even though I got up to urinate twice. Falling back to sleep was no problem. Over the last 9 months and before I ever started drinking JELWM water this has been a problem if I awake I will have difficulty falling back to sleep. Not sure why. Note: I do sleep better on the nights I take multivitamins. So I will observe tonight when I don’t take any vitamins. I will place a note at the bottom of this post tomorrow.
In conclusion. There is no doubt that JELWM water does in fact have an effect on my body. Being normal I would say this same effects could be noticed upon anyone’s body though they may vary in intensity. The water does in fact soften stool and allow for normal evacuation. Some will even have more evacuations or more frequent if they are less than everyday. Blood pressure is affected by the water in take and blood thickness is thinned. And it gets more medication to your blood quicker and in more quantity than regular tap water.

F.Y.I. the pH of the distilled water was 6.5 neutral it is not acidic or alkaline. pH of the Runoff was 8.3 (hard water and very alkaline). but it still taste good and was very clear. Mix the two and you will get around 7.0 which is still neutral. pH will vary depending on your water source.
I will start making JE living water on a regular basis again for the health benefits far outweigh the cost of its operation.
I hope this has been helpful to those who are interested in this Machine.

Shared with Permission from John Ellis

Someone tested our water’s energy and let us know about it……

John I just received your free bottle of water and have done some test on it. Thought you may like to know what I have found. I run a radionics machine that I can test for (general vitality). If you are not familiar with what it is, it is just measuring the energy of anything I test. I am going to round off the numbers. When I tested my water without your water it measured about 250 points. My water (12 ounces) with 17 drops of your water added the energy of my water reached about 45,000. When I took the same size glass of water and added 20 drops of your water the energy went to 50,000. It did not seem to change much after that when I added more drops.

I took my DNA which showed and energy level of 3800 and added my water with the 20 drops of your water the energy of my DNA rose to 760,000. The energy seems to only last about 3 hour. I would like to get one of your machines down the road and do more testing. Thanks again for your free water sample.

Shared with Permission from John Ellis

Due to the oxygen and hydrogen being separated easier in John Ellis Water compared to any other water, your body uses less energy to split our water, which therefore provides a way for your body to produce more energy.

“I’ve been researching and building hydrogen generators for big trucks since 2007. So, when a friend of mine sent me a copy of the John Ellis water advertisement from a magazine I went ahead and requested a free sample of John Ellis water to test with my new HHO (hydrogen-hydrogen-oxygen cell design.

“After mixing KOH and well water for the electrolyte, I connected my cell to my Pulse Width Modulator that pulses energy from a 12-volt battery. As suspected, the amps shot up to over 35 amps blowing a few 30 amp fuses. So, I added two cups of hydrogen peroxide to dilute the electrolyte.
“The cell had excellent HHO output and the amperage immediately dropped a little bit down to 29 to 30 amp range where it remained. Every day I ran the cell for about 15 minutes and the amps remained in the same 29 to 30 range. Then my 4 oz, free sample of John Ellis water arrived so I put 10 drops of the water into the electrolyte. I continued to run the cell several times a day for 15 to 30 minutes and, to my surprise, the amperage kept getting lower. It was using less of the battery’s power to make hydrogen. A couple of days later the cell was still producing lots of HHO, But the amps had dropped to about 15 amps, then to 12, then to 7.5 amps. So, I decided if a little more John Ellis water could make the electrolysis so efficient, I would add another 10 drops. The amps continued to drop. I was dumbfounded.

“My electronic engineer said there had to be something wrong with my ammeter or I messed up my experiment somehow. After seven days of testing, it remained steady at 1 amp—but the HHO output was the same was when the cell required 33 amps. Today, I decided to save the electrolyte with the John Ellis water and use it to test a brand new cell in case there was something defective with the original test cell. To my total amazement, the cell began to produce lots of HHO as it was ‘broken in’…but the amps dropped from one amp to an indicated zero amps.

“The ammeter goes up to 60 amps so the calibrations are coarse, but even so, my new cell is using no more than 1/2 amp to produce lots of HHO. As a researcher who devotes all of his time in the study of using water for the fuel process, this appears to be a breakthrough since I’m producing abundant HHO (lots of energy when burned), using almost no electrical power to generate the HHO fuel. This is the cleanest energy on the planet since the only emissions when HHO is burned is pure H2O. If the John Ellis water is used with my new cell design, fuel mileage will go way up. The HHO can also be used to heat and power your home because they are no harmful emissions, and it is so efficient the devise, using John Ellis water as a booster, consumes very little electricity.” Each new discovery man makes is a new first step of a new journey to even more important discoveries. Stanley Meyers started the journey that David Davies now walks. Davies footsteps just crossed paths with the footsteps of engineer and scientist John Ellis who discovered that H2O with a bond angle of 114 instead of 104 permanently alters water and makes HHO burn a hundred times more efficiently.

Shared with Permission from John Ellis

Thanks John for reinforcing my “Faith” in JE Water!

At 93, you might find this encouraging, yet not surprising…here’s a testimonial:


About three months ago my cousin was kind enough to drop off a quart of JE Water. It has since changed my life for the better at 75, but the day it arrived I gave a glass to my 97-year-old mother. That next day we had a kitchen renovation project to undertake; replacing her 60-year-old counter burner unit which began malfunctioning.

When I walked into the kitchen the next morning I was expecting to have to do all the prep myself, but unbelievably my mother had cleaned out the pots and pans under the unit and cleared off the counter top, tasks which would have been challenging for me! Now, if this was 20 years ago, I wouldn’t have been surprised as she was always a hard worker, but in her late 90’s, getting around with a walker, typically easily tired, it sure felt like the JE Water had turned her into the…Energizer Bunny!

Well, we finished the job, put everything back, and my mother has continued to drink a glass of JE Water from that day on. I also make her coffee with JE Water. She seems to look forward to each new day with a much more positive attitude about everything. Now, she used to own and run a supper club, so it’s not surprising that she loves to cook, but lately, at 97 and a half, she likes to point out, my mother enjoys planning a 3-course meal for every day except her day off, Sunday!

Bottom line, if anyone is looking for an effective tonic for a beloved elderly parent, relative, or friend, do consider introducing that person to John Ellis Water!

Racine, Wisconsin
Shared with Permission from John Ellis

Comment added by Wg Reed on 5/24/05

I have been using the Number Four machine for 18 months. I used it in France and now in South America. Every morning I have trays of ice with vertical growing icicles growing out of my ice trays.




Wg Reed
Shared with Permission from John Ellis

Date: 2/2/2007 8:52:11 PM

Plant root growth is pronounced. I am currently growing a jade plant on my windowsill, for about 3 months, using nothing but the water produced by the Ellis machine. I have added no nutrients. I have not done a side by side experiment, but the water is still crystal clear and the jade is thriving. I also have had aquariums which had their filters turned off for months with no algae growth or smell of any kind. I also have grown an 11 inch ice spike from this water which still amazes most to this day. I can not explain that one, but I have photos!

Shared with Permission from John Ellis

3/10/2009 1:26:38 PM
1/6/2009 1:02:00 PM

After receiving and using the machine, I have been very happy with the results. Some of them are remarkable and others are just convenient.
Ice cubes last longer

Friends ask if they can take water home after dinner ( I tell no one about this machine)

Everything taste fresher and better

I am stronger and sharper, at almost 50, than ever before

There are many more benefits, but the bottom line is the machine works and a comparable distilling machine is going to cost at least 1300. At this level, the extra few hundred is a product you can afford.

The bottom line is that the machine produces a different type of water that can be tasted. I always get the comment that my water tastes light. Remember, I do not disclose that I am producing the water. In my area the water is hard and nasty. Everyone uses purified water in many forms. We have to.

I am and will be pleased with this purchase for many years. I just do not want to tell folks my secret. I gave away water for the holidays and everyone was more then happy to get the gift. Imagine that. I think that sums it up.

Shared with Permission from John Ellis

3/10/2009 1:26:38 PM
I am a naturopathic doctor and I have a John Ellis machine. I would not use anything else! I really notice a big difference in how I feel when I run out. While I am distilling another batch I have to drink water from my reverse osmosis machine. It can not compare to the Ellis water. I have had the machine for about 2 years now and love it. Whenever I have had a question, or a rare problem, they are very helpful on the phone. I have never come away feeling as if my question was not answered or that they were not concerned with me as a customer.

Even my dog loves the water. He will drink bowls of it as opposed to the few mouthfuls of reverse osmosis water that he will drink. Come to find out, reverse osmosis water is processed with radiation in order to make the water molecules small enough to go through the holes. NO THANK YOU!! If the Ellis machine ever breaks or wears out, because I use it every other day, then I will certainly buy another one from Mr. Ellis.

Shared with Permission from John Ellis

May 26, 2009
Please send me another bottle of that fine water. It helps me alot. I am 85 but it makes me feel like I am 60. Thanks

Milton B. Louisiana
Shared with Permission from John Ellis

Dear Mr.Ellis, 6-29-09
I will get one of your machines soon.Your product helps me tremendously! Headaches are gone immediately. Improved vision with the first gallon I drank. Your product is the health plan I need!

G.G. Mississippi
Shared with Permission from John Ellis

Paul John C. Achy Muscles Relieved
June 15, 2016
I got the water yesterday. Everything came as expected, and I have started using the water. The soap is great and the John Ellis Bath Salts were able to relieve some achy muscles today. I’m looking forward to seeing how the water works for me. I’ll keep you updated on that. Thanks!

Paul John C.
Shared with Permission from John Ellis

John F Blue Veins on Legs Healed
June 15, 2016


Good morning this is Gibgibbers in Venice Beach. I just noticed something new since taking John Ellis water. I’ve had a patch of spidery blue veins on the front of my leg since I was in my 20s, and I noticed the other day that the spidery patch has almost completely disappeared. Amazing!

John F.
Shared with permission from John Ellis

Plants Grow Faster With John Ellis Water
June 15, 2016

This is what happens to plants when used with John Ellis Water. Notice the incredible growth from the center plant using John Ellis Life Water as compared to conventional distilled water! Imagine what this Life Water can do for your body!

Shared with permission from John Ellis

Bill O. Carotid Artery Blockage Healed
June 27, 2016


A few years ago I was diagnosed with a severely plaque blocked right carotid artery. I immediately started back using the John Ellis (“miracle water”). After 2-3 months of using the miracle water I went through some routine tests at the Doctor. They entered the artery through the groin up to and through the carotid artery. The Doctor reported that the artery was reported wide open, and had no restrictions. Is it a miracle? It’s just good old “Miracle Water.”

Bill O.
Shared with permission from John Ellis

Shattered Ankle Heals Weeks Ahead of Schedule
November 21, 2016


I shattered my ankle and had to have reconstructive surgery. The doctors could not believe how fast I recovered. I do enjoy beer, and drink more than the doctors recommends if you know what I mean. Typically, that leads to slower healing and infections, however I still healed weeks ahead of schedule with zero problems by drinking the John Ellis distilled energized water.

In total about 5 people have purchased a machine since we gave them water to try. The machine is expensive, and most people don’t have the money to purchase one. With that in mind, I can’t even put a number on how many people we gave water to that are now just buying the water until they can get their own machine. This water truly does work, and I wish more people knew about it.

James D.
Shared with permission from John Ellis

Dog Survived Getting Hit by Car Using John Ellis Water
January 16, 2018


Our eleven-month-old Golden Doodle got hit by a van after chasing a squirrel into the road. When my wife brought him home I carried him off the back of a truck and into our house. I laid him down on a mat, and he was struggling to breathe. I appeared like he had a pneumothorax (fluid in the lungs) which can cause you to suffocate to death. I told my wife we needed to get him to the animal hospital ASAP. After getting there they immediately took the dog for x-rays.

Diagnosis: Our Golden Doodle had a 10%-20% chance of surviving, and he was in the ICU in critical condition for two days while he was at the animal hospital. He had lung contusions, fluid surrounding the lungs, internal bleeding, liver/spleen damage, a ten-inch huge open gash under his right front leg (muscle was showing through the open gash), possible bone fractures, a large open wound on his head, swelling in his right front leg, and scrapes under his back-left leg.

The doctors told us that our dog was not a candidate for surgery due to the lung contusions when we brought him in initially. If they gave him anesthesia there was a chance he might not be able to breathe on his own. The two days our dog was at the animal hospital they ran a bunch of tests, monitored his oxygen levels and overall health. They gave him morphine, pain medication, and a drug to stop internal bleeding. The first night they had him hooked up to oxygen. The next morning when they tried to remove him off the oxygen machine, and his oxygen levels decreased so much they had to hook him back up to it. At the end of the second day I decided to bring the dog home and treat him myself. The vets said there was a chance he might die if I took him home, and they did not agree with my decision. They said to do hydrotherapy three times per day on all the open wounds to encourage tissue growth and healing, give antibiotics two times per day, and give pain killers as needed. If he struggled to breath they said to bring him to an emergency animal hospital ASAP.

I decided to not give pain killers or the antibiotics to our dog since his liver was still healing from the initial trauma. I did not want to give our dog anything which could cause more liver damage. I decided it was ok to leave the dog in some pain if that meant he had a better chance to live. I gave him the homeopathic Surge HP three times per day to take away the shock, reduce pain, and clear the fluid surrounding the lungs. I treated all the open wounds with hydrotherapy once per day, and used Argentyn Colloidal Silver Hydrosol, and John Ellis Water inside the open wounds to promote tissue re-growth, and to keep the wounds clean and sterile. I also gave our Golden Doodle John Ellis LWM-5 Shungite Healing Water to drink in the morning and at night for the five days we kept him at home.

After five days, we took our dog back to the animal hospital, and the vets performed an additional two x-rays on his chest to verify his lungs here clear of fluid. They came back and said he was a candidate to get his wounds stitched up. They were impressed with the amount of tissue re-growth, and how much his lungs had improved in five days. The improvement in five days was supposed to take three to four weeks. I attribute this to the John Ellis Water, Homeopathy, and the Argentyn Colloidal Silver Hydrosol. Since he has been home he has been going for walks on a leash, and is so happy to be alive and with his family!

Robert A.
Shared with permission from John Ellis

Water Test Results
Dear John:
In our conversation of this date, I was more than pleased to report that the distilled water from the Electron 4 Machine cleared up a tank containing 255 gallons of my mineral drink product. I purposely retained the material in order to do this test. One percent of your distilled water agitated into the tank contents and incubated for five days brought the mineral water back to well within our quality control standards.
As an independent lab report shows, we started with a total plate count of 6000 cfu’s/ml on 2/6/06. Our QA std. is <10. On 2/17/06 we received a 10 gallon shipment of the Electron 4 distilled water. I immediately inoculated the 225 gallons of product with the water only. Nothing else was added. Five days later, as the lab report shows, the test was completed and our product is, once again, within our QA standard. I have heard stories like this and have been only a half-hearted believer but always with an open mind. Now that my own tests conclusively prove the validity of the verbal reports, I have decided that from this point forward, all of our liquid products will be manufactured utilizing the water produced by your Electron water processors. I am, of this date, preparing our budget to include the purchase of 5 to 10 of the Electron machine units within the next several months. My hat is off to you, John, for your contribution to the health and welfare of mankind.
Yours truly,
Samuel F. Curtis, Jr., CEO

Samuel F. Curtis, Jr, CEO
Shared with permission from John Ellis

Been using E-Water for some 3yrs now. I filter & process inorganic minerals out of the city tap water Before it enters my E5machine. Keeps my equipment free from mineral buildup. Zero ppm in and Zero ppm out. Best Water I’ve ever consumed. I’ve been in water treatment field for some 25yrs., and nothing compares to John Ellis DDWater. I make my Colloidal Silver with it and my Food Grade H202 with it. Outstanding!. Helps a lot of folks here. Thanks for being there John. You’ve done a Great Service to Humanity.

G.D. Cull
Shared with permission from John Ellis

I have asthma from severe allergies to airborns that put me in bed and am trying to recover from a 10 day attack that hasn’t responded very well to breathing treatments and steroids and haven’t been able to go outside without a return to wheezing, shortness of breathe and the throat tickle which makes me cough a lot .
I also have stage 4 kidney disease and resulting almost intractable high Blood pressure running 220/100. The medication makes me very sick, nausea, headache, severe fatigue with burning painful upper body muscles on movement. I stay in bed a lot and can only stay up for a very limited time.
This morning I woke with all of that and thought it would be hours before I’d be able to get out of bed as usual.

I received my sample of water last night and put it in a galleon of our well water. This morning 1 drank 2 pints and in a few minutes the lights got brighter, my chest opened up and my throat quit tickling. My headache receded and the other debilitating side effects of the blood pressure meds I have to take subsided by 75%. Wow!

My husband tried it too. He is a farmer and raises cows and has been working them this week but he developed a reoccurring “hot” muscle spot under his left shoulder with pain radiating down his left arm past his elbow. This was bad enough he has had to stop working. So, he drank a pint of the water and rested a few minutes and reported that the radiating pain was gone and then in about 45 minutes he said the ‘hot spot was gone as well. He is now back out in the field working the cows.
He just came in and said the pain is still gone.

Shared with permission from John Ellis

Tuesday unknown to me I ate some contaminated pre grilled chicken and that night I woke up with my stomach swollen and some of worst pain I have experienced in 20 years and not having anything for pain (I do not buy over-the-counter pain relieve stuff) and being out of Ellis water I just had to ride it out for two hours but after the pain was down enough to go back to bed every muscle in my body was hurting so bad and so cold that wrapped up with a space heater in front of the bed I still shock all night long.

I had a severe case of food poisoning that had developed into a stomach virus which can last up to 2 weeks before the average immune system can remove it. later that day after I was able to get out of bed for awhile my reorder of John Ellis e-water was delivered so I immediately started drinking it straight at room temperature every two hours while I was awake. Soon afterwards I started to urinate, which I hadn’t done since being poisoned because of the dehydration, and was so blessed to see that my urinate had turned almost brown and smelly because that meant that the water had already started to cleanse my blood and ex spell the toxins and decease from all the the harmful bacteria that my immune system was overwhelmed with. I had only John Ellis water for 2 days and was back to work completely cured. You can bet that I will make sure that I never run out of John Ellis water again.

Tommy Co
Shared with permission from John Ellis

A friend was concerned about losing her hair in the forehead hairline. Three weeks later she showed me a good sized tuft of new hair!
Fill a 4 mister with straight EW and mist on hair and face at least three times a day.
When she feels tired she drinks an ounce of the straight Ellis Water prior to sleep and in the morning she is ready to go!
Using a small cup with straight EW dipping the tooth brush as you brush will help the gums and teeth. Gargle too.
My eyes tire in the evening researching using my iPad. I soak a cotton ball in the straight water and gently soak my eyes. Within a few minutes my eyes are restored.
This is one of the greatest discoveries and invention in history! God bless John Ellis
Our prayers are with him. 🙏🏻

Dr Howard
Shared with permission from John Ellis

I recently developed cataracts in my right eye that were getting progressively worse. I came up with an experimental process before I consulted a physician about a surgical solution: every day (2-4 times per day) I would just bathe my eyes in light energized water (I think that is the term you use for the water directly from the distillation chamber). Nothing elaborate, just dip my hands in a bowl of water I keep next to the sink in my bathroom—and just splash it on my face. A couple seconds—that’s it! I continued this for about 3 months and noticed improvement in my vision. Now, 6 months later, I am cataract free!!!

I can’t help but think the medical community would benefit greatly through the use of John Ellis water in treatment of various conditions. After thinking about that further, I realized they concentrate on “procedures & prescriptions” as their main business plan—cures are not really considered.

Shared with permission from John Ellis

John, we’ve had the e4 machine about 10 years, never tried this before. We have a 33,000 gallon swimming pool. The filter is broken and the water had turned DEEP olive green with green foam and scum on it. Chlorine is not working no matter how much I add. The repairman is coming out this week to fix the filter and he said try to clean up the water first. I told him cholorine/shock not working. Today we left for a meeting at 11 am and before we left I added 5 gallons of e4 water to the pool. Upon returning home about 6 hours later my wife said “look at the pool”. Virtually all the green was gone and the water was almost blue. I could not believe it. How does the e4 water do this????

Shared with permission from John Ellis

John Ellis has had to have armed protection because of the benefits of this water over the last 40 years, he is 90 plus and looks around 50 to 60. Big Pharma doesn’t like anyone that stops their quest to dominate the world with drugs that can kill and maim as well as the big money angle
This then is simply the purest and most powerful body cleansing system in the world today using Hydrogen the world’s most powerful healing element when harnessed and not deleted from the water we drink.

Doctor Will Bayley ND
Shared with permission from John Ellis

This is my own personal Miracle from using John Ellis Water

my eyes have been a problem stemming from a genetic issue in our family
farsightedness things were getting blurry and the eyes were burning me every 3 to 4 weeks I was getting red eye which is a severely painful issue it feels like someone punched you in the eye for about a week before it starts to go away
What I am telling you right here and now is 100% accurate and truthful
I was using eye drops over two years that cost around $20 a week they were very small bottles I would use 1 bottle a week morning noon and night to irrigate my eyes and still getting red eye $80 a month over three years cost me as well as two specialist treatments totalled over $2000 dollars plus the inconvenience and pain
I decided to buy an eye bath and try John Ellis water it took two days to find that when my wife and I were driving to Perth I said to Lyn that I could see road signs further away much clearer and my eyes were not burning
My eyes are now better than they have been in the last three years and to me the burning has stopped and my sight is at least 30% better and no red eye
ps also peripheral numbness in my feet has reduced to being hardly noticeable from a L4 and L5 an issue from a car accident 20 years ago
I swear these things to be true and I have been taking the water for only 3 weeks since we bought our John Ellis system (we also have the worlds best filtration and alkalizing system our water is 8 on the PH scale) in fact around $9000 AUS $6000 USA for both systems to set up

Will Bayley ND Perth Western Australia
Shared with permission from John Ellis

The Shave/Shower Soap Bar makes me feel clean and does a good job on my short hair.  So, I use it as a Shampoo as well.  It doesn’t dry out my skin while living in Colorado with the dry weather.  I buy 3 to 6 bars at a time so I don’t run out.  Do not use anything else but this soap.  Saves on shampoo, shave cream, and store bought soap.  For the money, it is a healthy alternative plus cuts expenses.

Mark from Colorado

Fern,  I just want to shout out to people who are looking for products without all the poison chemicals that are in so many products today. I have used most all of the products on the site and continue to be so pleased, we all do laundry and with the laundry system you know you are not sending out more chemicals into our water ways or putting them onto our largest organ the skin. I wouldn’t want to be without my goat milk soap or lotion bars, so many great products and great service !!   Thank you,


I have had my Wonderball Complete System now for 4 months. I now enjoy doing my laundry.

Before I had an issue with my husband’s shirts. He uses a chemical strong antipersirant that stays with the shirt forever. My clean laundry products just didn’t get them clean. I struggled with vinegar, Borax and soapnut products. Borax worked better than the anything else but it always left a white powder on the other clothes in the wash. And I refuse to handwash all his shirts. What’s the point of having a machine? Adding additional water didn’t help. A few soapnut products are great if you can afford them or find a reliable source… And when I thought I had a good product, it was gone. Even double washing the shirts didn’t clean the odor on his shirts.

Needlesstosay, it was a hassle for me. I didn’t want to switch to a chemical product that would just mask the issue with their strong fragrance. My twin sister has used the Wonderball for years and I had forgotten about it. She recently reminded me!!! This time, due to my frustration with these shirts that would wear out before I ever got them clean, I decided to give the Wonderball a try. I am now so happy I did. I noticed a huge difference on the first wash. After the second wash, not even a hint of his antipersirant and all of my laundry is clean. I no longer worry about laundry detergent being shipped to me and today using the Wonderball and their dryer balls I couldn’t be happier. It’s just so easy and it pays for itself for all the money spent on other detergents. I am also very pleased with other products listed here on Mystic Wonders.

Note for HE machines. Using the “Deep Fill” on your machine does the trick.


I bought the Wonder Cleaning Cloths and am truly amazed at the results. I used them on my curio cabinet (glass and mirrors, inside and out) and kept trying to put my hand through the glass as it was so clean it didn’t seem that the glass was there! All of this without having to wipe anything dry. Wow! Next I went to my bathrooms and cleaned the countertops. sinks, showers, and the outside of the toilet. How could so much dust and dirt be picked by the Wonder Cleaning Cloth when I couldn’t even see it there? The chrome faucets were so shiny, just like they were brand new. And the next time I cleaned it was even easier to clean the bathrooms. Truly amazing! Next I went to my kitchen and used the Wonder Cleaning Cloth on my kitchen counters, stove, and the top of my stove fan. I had cleaned my kitchen a few days before and was amazed at how much dirt the Wonder Cleaning Cloth had picked up. And this was dirt picked up on a clean surface. My kitchen is now super clean with very little effort! Then I decided to use the Wonder Cleaning Cloth on my vinyl floors in the bathroom and laundry room. First I dusted the floors really well, or at least I thought I did. It sounded like the Wonder Cleaning Cloth was moving over sandpaper as it picked up microscopic pieces of sand, etc. from my laundry room floor (I walk through the laundry room when entering from the garage). How could that be there after I had just dusted the floor? The floors look really super after using the Wonder Cleaning Cloth! Super clean! Finally I went to my car with a Wonder Cleaning Cloth. Have you ever had film on the inside of your windshield that just never seemed to fully come off? I did. I used the Wonder Cleaning Cloth on the inside of my car windows. The windows are now so clean it doesn’t look like glass is there! Then I used the Wonder Cleaning Cloth on the steering wheel. After years and years of use the steering wheel looked really dirty with even worse dirt in the little cracks. I put the Wonder Cleaning Cloth in my hand and did little turns all the way around the steering wheel. What a difference! The steering wheel isn’t sticky any more and even the dirt in the cracks is gone! If you haven’t tried the Wonder Cleaning Cloth I urge you to do so. The Wonder Cleaning Cloth is now my go to cloth for cleaning. It is a wonderful product, so easy to use and it makes cleaning a breeze. No wonder it is called The Wonder Cleaning Cloth!

Madison, WI

A few weeks ago I cleaned my toilet bowl and then put in the Wonder Toilet Tank Conditioner with Prill Beads. Since then my toilet bowl has stayed cleaner than it normally would have been. This has been true week after week! Amazing!


Fern, I tried the shave and/or shampoo bar for the first time this morning.  I can’t believe how easy it was to get my hair lathered up.  The lather rinsed out easily too.  After blow drying my hair it was very manageable (not frizzy or fly away) and my hair is oh so soft!  I also shaved my legs while I was in the shower using the same bar to lather my legs.  I couldn’t believe how the razor easily glided over my legs.  No effort at all.  It didn’t even seem like I was shaving.  Yet my legs were nice and smooth with no razor stubble after I dried off.  Wow what a wonderful product.


We have used this product for many years.  The laundry comes out clean, smelling fresh without perfumes, no allergic reactions…just, comfy, clean clothes.

I wanted to have clean dishes without the toxic soap.  I have always pre-washed the dishes and they would still come out with spots and soap residue.  I tried a small dish of vinegar water as an alternative.  The results were better but not stellar.

Then the insight to see if the wonder ball could do the same for dishes as it did for our clothes and bedding.  Eureka!  Clean glasses and dishes!  I still prewash the dishes – and now only do a light wash and they are clean and sparkly.  I hope it keeps working!

As an added benefit, the dishwasher no longer smells funky.  Apparently the ball helps clean the dishwasher too!?!  Grateful!


I will start by saying that when my mom first introduced me to the wonder ball, I was skeptical. Not because I didn’t think the product would be worthwhile. I trust my mom, and if she believes in it, I figured I should at least give it a try. I haven’t used regular laundry detergent for years, because of the chemicals. I have been using a trusted “safe” brand of laundry detergent for a while now. I have 2 boys, who are always dirty. My oldest son is a high school athlete, and changes clothes approximately 3-4 times a day, and he sweats a LOT!  When he empties his locker at school and brings home his dirty sweaty laundry it smells RIPE!!
So…as the mom of the house (and the only girl) I am often giving my family a hard time that they can NEVER let their dirty laundry get close to mine…because my laundry was starting to take on that “locker room smell”
I have been frustrated for months….
So when my mom introduced me to your laundry system, I was skeptical.
I noticed results from the very first washing. I have never had the need to use detergent yet, and no longer have the “locker room smell”!!!
I love it! I can’t tell you how thankful I am to have learned about your products!!! I have been sharing your website with my friends and I hope they give you products a try too!! Thanks so much!!!!


Hi Fern,

Again, thank you for all of your knowledgeable and helpful advice. I love the Prill Bead water. It is so nourishing and refreshing. My water in the Northern Adirondacks has quite a bit of iron in it. Drinking it straight from the tap (even with a whole house filter) would leave me feeling thirsty instead of hydrated. I tried counter top and faucet filters which did not help. The first time I made the Prill water was the first time I felt hydrated and the taste of the water is excellent.
I have used several of your products over the last 10 years and LOVE the laundry ball. It is effective and economical. I love the way my clothes come clean. As well it is great for cleaning. I  am impressed by how clean glass gets with ball water and a wonder loth or microfiber cloth. I do not use any chemical cleaners because of the toxic ingredients in them and the fake clean smell  that bothers me.
When I use the natural products that you sell, I feel good about using them. Not only do they not negatively impact the environment but also knowing that I am helping my grandchildren and their grandchildren, etc. enjoy the beauty of this country as much as I have makes sense. We all need to be responsible stewards of this land.
Thanks again,Fern! And Mystic Wonders, Inc

Tina Culver

Dear Fern,
I have been using the Wonder Ball and dryer balls for so many years that I take your amazingly beneficial products for granted. I think I am on my third Wonder Ball. Everything I wash is comfortably soft, not to mention clean and fresh. My husband and I travel frequently, and I perceive the difference in hotel bedsheets. No matter how a hotel brags about thread count,our sheets at home are softer.

As an environmental activist, I am aware of the ecological benefits also. I continue to spread the Wonder Ball news around Lake George. Thirty three miles long, Lake George is a clear and beautiful natural treasure, ours to protect. I know how important it is NOT to feed the lake nutrients from all our septic system. Doing laundry without detergent seems to me to be a very good thing for the lake as well as for me.
By the way, I love the samples of goat milk soap, and the calcite for facials. I don’t know how you find time to keep coming up with such a variety of “triple-good” products: good for me, good for the greater community, and good for the planet.

Rosemary, New York

Dear Fern;
I was amazed.
I had spilled coffee on my bed which left a large stain.(about 5×18 in.)
and had washed the sheet many times and the stain remained.
After I washed my bedding with the wonder ball the stain was gone
the first time.

Joyce Gerrish

Dear Fern,
I must tell you that we are delighted with the results of the G.L.B. We were using a very expensive baby detergent. We now are very satisfied with using only the GLB. The whole laundry is soft and clean. Our baby is so happy with the naturally soft blankets.

Jon Pitt

Tangles are no longer a problem with my clients’ hair since using the vial. I use it around my salon and home for surface cleaning, too.

Debbie Carlson, Owner of Lords and Ladies

I purchased two Wonder Balls at the same time from Gaiam. I just recently retired the first Wonder Ball after several years of use (wow! never expected it to last so long)…I am SO PLEASED with the results that I have had with your product.
I have a front end loading washing machine. I have four boys and my husband is an equine veterinarian. He often has heavily soiled clothing (blood stains, horse manure, mud). My washer runs constantly! Several years ago I quit using commercial laundry detergent ( Wisk, Tide, etc) because it would make my front loading washer smell horribly! How could my clothes be clean with a washer that smelled like a sewer?! Once I changed to your Wonder Ball, I had clean clothes AND a clean smelling washer. Thank you so much for a Wonder(ful) product!

Lory E., Texas

Dear Fern,
Thank you for the sample, Fern, you convinced me to try more. I ran my little toe into the bed leg. Over a month trying everything but a doctor, I babied that toe. Thinking I have nothing to loose, I put the Wonder Patch on one night. That first day it was better but after several days it was like new.
The grandkids loved the Kinder Eggs. What a neat surprise! In reading some of the testimonials in the papers, you included sounds as if people use soap with their “laundry ball”. I have used mine over 5 years and never add soap. I pre-treat stains or add a very small amount of Bora Team to very dirty farm jeans. If I have not pre treated any of the load I do not ever run it through the rinse cycle. And our water is very hard with out the water softner. NOW with the Wonder DryerBalls, laundry is a “Breeze,” so very little to iron! I am so glad I found you.
Thank you,

Lola E., Arcadia Iowa 51430

Hi, Fern-
Thank you for creating these miracle products that can impress even skeptics like me! I just have so much to say about the wonders of your fabulous laundry ball and spray vial!!
For years I have bemoaned my significant expenditure on laundry detergents that never left my clothes feeling quite as deep-down clean as they promised. In addition to the money I must spend on coin-operated machines, I’ve had to lay out more money than I’d like to think about on ‘natural’ detergents that, at best, minimized (but never eliminated) the amount of soap residue left on my clothes. I have always felt that even the most natural detergents did more to mask odors of dirty clothes than they did to actually eliminate the source of those odors.
Not to get personal, but the true test of a laundry cleaning system is the extent to which it eliminates all trace of smell in dirty socks and pants/underwear crotches. Well, unlike detergents that either leave camouflaging scents or temporarily freshen your clothes until the slightest bit of sweat etc. gets absorbed back into them, THE LAUNDRY BALL LEAVES NO TRACE OF GRIME, SWEAT OR ODOR-CAUSING BACTERIA! LINENS, PILLOW CASES, UNDERGARMENTS, SLIPPERS, ETC. ALL MAINTAIN THEIR FRESH, CLEAN FEELING even AFTER being used or worn again!! And, by the way, my clothes actually look bright for the first time since they were bought (most of them years ago)!
For cleaning mirrors, eye-glasses and so much more… the spray vial offers a streak-free easy clean! I don’t mean to sound like a commercial, but it’s true! I find myself trying to think of what needs cleaning so that I can have the fun of using the spray vial!
But, even more important to me are the hair and skin conditioning effect of the spray vial!!! WOW – YEARS OF STRUGGLING TO ADD MANAGEABLE BODY TO THIN, LIMP HAIR ARE NOW OVER! And, INVESTING HOPE AND MONEY IN THE NEWEST ‘NON-GREASY FACIAL MOISTURIZER’ IS NO LONGER EVEN A CONSIDERATION! All that I need to do is condition my hair and skin with spray vial water when I get out of the shower. Regardless of the products I use in the shower, spraying my hair and skin with water from a spray bottle that has the vial in it is all that’s necessary for me to have full, shiny, manageable hair and smooth, fresh, youthful skin! It feels the best when I spray my hair and face and let the vial water absorb. I give my hair and skin a few minutes to ‘drink in’ the spray vial water before gently patting dry excess drops of water. It feels magical and luxurious! THANK YOU FOR THIS FABULOUSLY PURE AND SIMPLE BEAUTY SECRET! No more ‘combination skin’ with dry and oily patches competing for attention on my face! At the slightest hint of a blemish beginning to emerge, I just spray on the vial water and the skin just seems to heal and seal! At the slightest suggestion of a dry, flaky spot or irritation, I just spray on the vial water, let it absorb, and the skin feels and looks quenched! It truly feels miraculous!
Once again, I thank you so much for bringing these wonderful products to market AND at such positively humble prices! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Nechama R., Walnut Creek, CA

Dear Fern Gunderson
I love the ball. My clothes look great, smell fresh and I love not using any soap.

Deborah Jamieson

I love my GLB. Please re-charge and return.
Thanks so much,

Tim Frederick, Edina, Minnesota

Dear Fern,
I used your laundry ball recently and it worked wonders. Thank you so much for introducing me to the product.

Stoney, Mo. Vly., Iowa

May 21, 2009
I was at first disappointed as the clothes did not seem to get
clean a little smelly and stains took 2-3 washes to come out but
now that I have been using the wonder ball for a while and all my
clothes have been washed with it and a small amount of sun and
earth laundry soap (1/4 of the recommended amount) everything
gets very clean and has no chemical smell or residue. My kids’
eczema is improving. Hard to convince house guests not to put
in more soap. Bonus is that it actually lived through the dryer a
couple times and has stood up to heavy use
Boston MA

It Works!

August 30, 2010
This thing works, and works well. With the packaging comes a
ton of information about the ball which is really helpful. There
isn’t much I can say about this thing other than it works. The
clothes come clean, they smell fresh. My husband has some
pretty smelly work clothes and this little ball has done just as
good or better than my name brand laundry soap. I’m going to get
one of these for my mom and sister. LOVE IT!!!

February 27, 2011
This little ball is incredible. Even my trail running clothes turn
out fresh. In fact, all my clothes seem to be maintaining their
color better; looking crisper. The financial savings has been
significant, as well. I still use a spot cleaner when needed, but
truly that is it!
My original intention in purchasing this item was to do with
environmental concerns – not just the chemical damage to soil
and plant life, but also the waste of all those containers. The
unexpected benefit is I can now for the first time spend time with
a friend who has some intense allergies without them having a
The other important reason I wanted this item is because I am
moving abroad and will be traveling extensively for quite a few
years and with this Wonder Ball, laundry is made incredibly easy.
Seriously brilliant product!
Northern California


October 26, 2009
This is one of the best purchases I have ever made! Saves time,
money, and wear and tear on our planet. What else could you ask
Oneonta, NY

No More Soap!

April 22, 2011
Eco-friendly, pocketbook friendly, and it works! Pays for itself
in no time. Easy, easy, easy, no measuring or waste with this
product. I am ordering more for a bridal shower gift.
Eco Lady


Laundry Balls Live Up to Claims
I learned about the Wonder Laundry Ball about 11 years ago. The Wonder Laundry Ball and the Wonder Dryer Balls do everything they said they would do. I have shared the Complete Laundry System with several families, and they have asked for more to share with their children. I love it and will never go back to using laundry soap.

Melvin Walz

Love it, you should really buy one!
February 15, 2012
This is the most amazing purchase I have made this year, so glad
I went a head and tried it out! It really does work, even get’s my
running, yoga and ski clothes clean and fresh! The first time I
washed my sweaty items with the wonder ball, they needed a
second round, but now they are fresh and clean after just one
wash with the this magical little ball. I will never go back to

Boulder, CO

Works Great without Laundry Detergent
July 4, 2013
I tried this without laundry detergent and it works fine. The
rashes I had on my skin from using detergent are gone since I’ve
been using this. I gave one to my boyfriend as well. He works
in construction and really gets his clothes filthy and he says it
works better than regular detergent.

Customer in California

May 5, 2011
After finally talking my mom into going dryer sheet free
– essentially, I insisted she only use the dryer balls I had
purchased – she was eager to hear what else I had in mind for the
laundry. Since she was primed and ready for experimenting (a
rarity, I assure you) I finally purchased this ball I’ve been eying
for some time.She test ran it before I had the chance to (didn’t
have enough laundry yet for a full load) and she ran over to tell
me when it was done that it worked SOOOOOO well. She even
told me to take back all the other detergent, though I said we
could keep it for when we had stuff that needed some crazy
presoaking (doesn’t happen too often, but we have a dog, two
cats, and do some gardening – so it does happen.) This leaves
your clothes soft, clean and fragrance free, so if you’re looking
for some nice scent, try adding a floral sachet to your laundry in
the dryer. It probably won’t take out really bad stains and heavily
soiled items will need an extra wash – or at least a longer soak –
but all in all this is an excellent purchase. I’m especially pleased
with the concept of recharging this item rather than merely
tossing it away. This certainly makes the cost more than worth
the purchase.
Worth every penny!

Buy This Ball!

June 19, 2012
This is WORTH THE MONEY!! You save so much on detergent!
My clothes smell fantastic, are very bright, and super soft even
when line dried!! I love the simplicity and being able to reduce
my product consumption!! You will NOT be disappointed!!


To the Gunderson Laundry Ball People,
I have used my Gunderson Laundry Ball for over two years and it is still going strong. I do about 8 loads a week and my wash comes out sparkling clean and wonderful. I even wash my dogs bedding with only the ball and the result is absolutely heavenly! Thank you, Gunderson, for cleaning up my life!

Mikaela Pierson, Tucson, Arizona

Wonder Ball
August 9, 2012
I use it for my infant daughter’s clothing. So far it is working out
well. I notice that it does not get whites very white, so I had 1/8
cup white vinegar with 1/8 cup of sea salt to the whites.

Columbia South Carolina

Laundry Clean with Cold Water
I have been using the Wonder Laundry Ball and the Wonder Dryer Balls for about a month. The inside of my entire house is in the process of being painted and I have accumulated a lot of laundry from moving things around. From the first load of wash using the Wonder Laundry Ball, with no soap at all, I was amazed at the wonderful results. The laundry is clean using cold water, and the total lack of scent reminds me of when I was a child and my mother hung our laundry outside to dry. There were a few items that took about three washings to remove stains. As advised on the directions, a few washings removes the soap residue and opens the fibers of the materials and releases the stains and dirt. I have washed everything from delicates to large comforters using the laundry ball and I am so grateful for this environmentally safe and chemical free way of doing laundry.

Joan D.

Dear Fern,
Back about 4 years, I had a bad reaction to the toxins in prescription medicine. I was in a wheel chair a little over 3 months. I saw your ad in the Farmers Almanac and it turned our to be God sent, definitely my prayer answered. With the first pack I got was the small one. I saw some improvement. Wondering did the pads do this or if it was a coincidence, because I do take many Herbal supplements.
I then got the 30 count of pads. This is when I found I was able to walk to one room to another with out holding on to every piece of furniture on the way, and I was able to make a sandwich, instead of soup. I then got the 100 pkg. After that I began to stand longer when doing things in the kitchen.
Then I was able to go out shopping and to the bank and so on, with out being pushed in the wheel chair.
Thank you for your detox pads and your Wonder Lotion Bar, I love it.

G. Folk Pottstown, PA

Now I look forward to Doing my Laundry
I have used the Wonder Laundry Ball for three years, and now I actually look forward to doing laundry because I know I will get great results. The only other laundry product I use is to spot treat stains. I simply keep the Wonder Laundry Ball in the washer all the time. I take a sorted, spot treated load, toss it in the washer, push the buttons, and walk away. It really is that simple. No more detergents, oxygen whiteners, fabric softeners, vinegar, or special rinses. Nothing but the Wonder Laundry Ball.
My first experience using the Wonder Laundry Ball was with peach colored bath towels that came out looking brighter and smelling like they were hung outdoors on a clean breezy day. I put them in the dryer with the Wonder Dryer Balls without the cancer causing dryer sheets that I had been using, and the drying time was cut in half. As I was folding the towels, I was truly amazed at how new they looked.
I also have used the Wonder Laundry Ball in other ways. The first thing I do is toss the Wonder Laundry Ball into a bucket. Then I fill the bucket to the top with cold water and watch the ball spin. I let the water spill over the top of the bucket, then I rinse it out so that all of the old suds and other soil is eliminated. The bucket is now ready to make “Ball” water that is clear and ready to do other jobs. I have personally washed huge windows, patio furniture, tile floors, mirrors, counters, and table tops to just name a few items. I soak a cloth in the ball water, wipe the surface of the item, take a few dry cloths and firmly press down to wipe the water off. Then I take another dry cloth and gently glide it over for a final shine with no smudges or streaks.
I have cleaned my entire vehicle inside and out with one bucket of “Ball” water and two cloths. One time, I cleaned all four special chrome wheels and lug nuts on my car that were encased in black gunk. I simply let the “Ball” water run on the wheels, wiped the inside spokes, wiped around each lug nut, and wiped the chrome itself. It took about 20 minutes to do all four wheels, and they looked like they were professionally cleaned.
Another use I have for “Ball” water is to clean my jewelry. I make some “Ball” water and then pour it into old drinking glasses. I put my rings in one, earrings into another, and other jewelry into other glasses. I use an old toothbrush to brush them and then rinse them in more “Ball” water and dry them with a clean cloth. The jewelry shines and looks great.
I also use the Wonder Laundry Ball in the bathtub. To start, I fill the bathtub with a little water and toss in the ball for twenty to thirty seconds. Then I rinse the tub with the “Ball” water and drain it to clean the tub from old residue. Then I refill the tub with the Wonder Laundry Ball and remove it when I get in to soak. I have found that my skin is cleaner and much softer, and my back pains and aches have greatly diminished.
I shared the Wonder Laundry Ball with some of my friends who used it during a very cold winter. After a week, my friend’s husband was a believer, because his back pain was forgotten, he stopped itching, and found he was using less lotion. His wife had added the Wonder Laundry Ball to his bath water without his knowledge. When he found out it was the Wonder Laundry Ball that made the difference, since it was the only thing that he did differently, he was amazed.
Another friend created “Ball” water for her son. When she went to get him out of the bathtub he was completely clean of all the dirt and he said, “Mom, I feel like a brand new kid!” I also use the Wonder Laundry Ball to create “Ball” water to clean my sunglasses, makeup brushes, crystal, chandeliers, computer screens, and sink faucets to name just a few.
I even use “Ball” water to water plants and cut flowers. The nicest part is the money and time that I save. There are no more extra cleaning products, detergents, auto products, or glass cleaner. No more heavy detergent bottles to bring in from the store. I have more free space and free time. It’s water! No toxic fumes or poisonous cleaners. It’s amazing and I love it!

Barbara Cleary

Laundry Costs Down
I bought the Complete Laundry System and I use it every time I do laundry. I would never go back to doing laundry without it! The Wonder Laundry Ball cuts my laundry detergent costs while making my clothes super clean. The Wonder Dryer Balls cut my energy costs while fluffing all of my clothes. My clothes feel so much softer!

Trevor Takayama

Dear Fern,
I recently purchased your product, the Laundry Ball, at the George Street Co-Op in New Jersey. I am very satisfied with your product. Thank You!
I am interested in ordering the Vial. Please send me ordering information.

Mrs. E. Dvores, Livingston, New Jersey

Hi Fern,
I cleaned my eye glasses with a towel that came straight out of the washer and I was amazed at how quickly and cleanly it did the job. I noticed the water beads better. There is definitely something going on. I need to shampoo my carpets with a steam cleaner and am trying to figure out how to get this into the shampoo water. Any Ideas?

M. Clowers

Dear Fern,
I discovered your wonder laundry balls last year and have been completely satisfied. Since then, I have tried practically almost everything you carry. I feel a sense of gratitude to you for selling such wonderful products. I wanted to comment on a couple of products that have surpassed my expectations. They are Pascalite clay and the Wonder Balm.
I have a greyhound that is afflicted with a disease that the vet cannot identify. This illness causes tumor like eruptions on the surface of the skin that weep and are very painful for him.
I mix equal parts Wonder Balm and the Pascalite clay together to use as a clay pack. I usually use one teaspoon of each. He cannot stand clay mixed with water, the clay is also difficult to remove from his fur plus I don’t have to wrap the pack because the wonder balm keeps the pack “moist”. I use a pack every day for 2 hours, then remove and clean the area. Then I apply Lavender essential oil and put Wonder Balm over that to seal it in.
I usually apply Lavender essential oil and apply the clay pack over that too.
The difference in his condition is nothing short of a miracle. This pack does an unbelievable job of drawing out whatever is in these eruptions. I regret not taking pictures to show his progress. Within 8 days the wounds are almost completely healed. It will be some time before he is fully recovered, but this clay pack is essential to his recovery. He’s eaten the clay pack a couple of times when I wasn’t looking and I was very worried he might get a blockage. But it didn’t interfere with his bowel movements and didn’t make him sick at all.
I’ve also tried this combination as a facial mask. I leave it on for and hour and wash off. Great results. I can’t believe how soft and clean my skin is afterward.
Thank you for your wonderful products and your kindness.

K. Martin, California

We own and operate a health food store (Whole Health Products) in Yuma AZ and are always looking for great products to use and share with our customers.
My Wife and I were introduced to The Complete Laundry System by a friend of 28 years. The satisfaction we found with that product made us eager to see what your new Dishwasher Balls would do in that department.
I placed the two balls in opposite corners of the dishwasher, put the dishes in, turned it on and went to bed. In the morning I was pleased to see that the dishes were every bit as clean as those previously done with Cascade.
The fact that I always use a brush to wash off all food remaining on the dishes before placing them in the dishwasher, made we wonder how they would look if I didn’t pre-clean them. I therefore placed the dishes in the dishwasher just as they came from the table as well as the silverware. When it was time to do another load, I simply turned the dishwasher on and again went to bed. In the morning I was extremely pleased to see that once again the dishes looked like new. They were every bit as clean as those previously pre-treated and those previously cleaned with Cascade dish detergent.
Thanks again for another wonderful money, time saving and great green product.

Russ & Connie Trierweiler, Yuma, AZ

To the Gunderson Laundry Ball,
We really love your ball. The children got too much sun and found comfort in a both with the ball and aloe Vera jell. No burns.
On the farm we get a lot of farm animal odors in our clothing. The GLB seems to take the odors right out.
The kids love to bathe with the GLB. We do not use shampoo in their hair, simply put the ball in the water…this helps with snarls that maybe a problem. We do not use creme rinse anymore. I like to put the GLB in the bath water with some mint leaves. I find this very relaxing.
When I hand wash my dishes, I do use a very small amount of dish soap with the GLB. There are no streaks from air drying, my hands feel so nice after I get done with the dishes.
I take a towel right from the washing machine that has been washed with the GLB and clean my window. When I do not have a just washed towel available, I use the vial, which I never want to be without.
For some reason the GLB helps the pain in my neck. I simply take the GLB to bed with me at night, shake it, and tuck it in my neck area.
Your GLB has been used in every room of my home, it is great to put in a bucket of water when I go to mop the floors.
I have used at least 75% less harsh cleaner, etc., since getting the GLB. It is better for us, and our environment.
We received hand me down clothes from a friend. My daughter wanted to wear an outfit before I had time to wash it. We were headed to church when my daughter complained of being too hot and she itched. When I looked back to see her, she had rosy red cheeks that seemed to be puffy and when she lifted up her shirt her stomach had already formed huge welts that she kept itching. We immediately drove into the emergency room and told the nurse she has asthma and allergies and that she is allergic to possibly the soap that the clothes were washed in. We took her clothes off and started sensing her body off with water. Finally, the welts and the redness were starting to go away. What would have happened if she was not with us when this took place? Usually when an asthmatic has this severe reaction their air passages start to shut down. All this was where these hands me down clothes that had been washed in full strength detergent. You can bet, I washed all those hand-me downs twice, before anyone had a chance to wear them.
Thank you for making this GLB and your other remarkable items.

B. Johnson, Nickerson, Nebraska

I like the Laundry Ball to bathe with. My skin feels soft and the water stays soapy like a bubble bath. Also the tub stays clean, I do not get a big bathtub ring when the ball is in my tub.
I do put the ball in my washing machine every time I do laundry. Your friends,

R.Y. Abran, Wagon Mound, New Mexico

I’m Not Overwhelmed Any More
I am a mother with a large family, large home, and lots of guests. My laundry often overwhelms me. I love the Wonder Laundry Ball because it really helps lower the cost of cleaning supplies and my laundry is really clean. I love having sheets that are fresh and not chemical smelling. I have tested the Wonder Laundry Ball with very dirty and smelly laundry, and it all comes out beautifully. Sometimes I need to spot treat, but generally my laundry is worry free.

Debbie Ballantyne

Dear Fern,
Thanks for making the laundry ball. I have found many benefits besides clean, soft clothes. As a person with many allergies it is such a relief not to sneeze when I go to bed. With soap-free bedding and fresh clean sheets and pillowcases, I have one less thing to sneeze about. ALSO my dogs’ bed come out smelling fresh and clean – no more doggie odors.
Thanks again,

Sharon S., Jefferson, Maryland

I am extremely open minded and some 13 years ago, when I was 64, I leaped at the chance to use a Wonder Ball. The utter simplicity of the process: put the ball in the washer; run a wash; make certain the ball stays in the washer; leave the ball there, awaiting the next wash.
No purchasing soap or carting it home. Measuring, pouring (or spilling) Nothing to throw away when empty.
Smooth and easy is my motto for Life. Smooth and easy is how laundry happens with the Wonder Ball.

Suzannah Savitri, Tombstone AZ

Dear M W I,
Last Christmas I gave my brother a laundry ball. He was a bit skeptical, but he tried it anyway. He is so sensitive to lots of detergents and he had been suffering a rash in his groin area for 2 years.
After a short time of using only the ball in his washing machine he told me the rash totally went away.
Thank you for the laundry ball and all your products. Every product I have tried from you, I really like and tell others about.

Lucia L, New Jersey 04-03-2013

Dear Fern,
I’m writing to THANK YOU for the wonderful products-the Ball and the Vial. I’m a woman who travels a lot with my job. I’ve found so may uses for the ball and the vial at home. I thought I’d pack them in my overnight bag and see what I could use them for away from home.
Well, I always love to soak in the bathtub, and when I add a ball to my tub, the clean and soft feeling is incredible, my hair rinses so pure, so shiny-looking. If I only want to “wash- up” & “crash,” without bathing, I put the ball in sink full of water and wet a washcloth in the water, touch it to my face and the make-up melts away. I shouldn’t tell brand names here, but I use popular mascara, the one in the oversized pink & green tube, and it is usually hard to remove, but two or three touches of a washcloth wet with the ball water and all traces of mascara are gone! And swish the dirty washcloth around in the ball water and it is CLEAN: no trace of black stain at all!
I swish my “dainties” in a sink of ball water and hang them up over the shower curtain rod – they are clean and dry in a couple of hours.
I spray the vial water in my hair when I want to “fix it.” The water seems to revitalize products that were previously applied. (Gels & Mousse, etc.) and without application of more products, I can restyle my hair in an instant.
I have long hair, and when I wake up it’s usually a tangled mess. I spray the vial water on it and my comb literally falls through my hair.
I spray the vial water in my motel room, especially around the heater/air conditioner, as it seems to moisturize and cleanse stale air.
I use the spray on all sorts of surfaces – spot clean fabrics, spray and wipe away perspirations and odor from shoe, car windshields and dash boards, felt hats. If your CD skips – spray, wipe and play it. Eyeglasses (sunglasses) with body oils that smear around, no problem, swish around in a basin of ball water, or spray with the vial, H2O and they become clean and less prone to fogging up with temperature changes. I do not know how it works – but it definitely works!
I believe in this and will keep using it in any and all situations that need cleaned up!
Gratefully Yours,

Yvette Benton

No More Laundry Soap Allergies
About 20 years ago I started having allergy problems. I found out that I was allergic to many different things and one in particular was the laundry soap I used. Throughout the next year, I tried many different kinds of laundry soap until I finally found one that I could use. After a few years, the company changed the ingredients in that laundry soap and I had to look for another soap to use. Around the same time, my sister-in-law opened an herb store and carried a Wonder Laundry Ball in her store so I decided to try it. For over 10 years, I have not purchased any laundry soap, fabric softener, or static guard sheets and my clothes are clean, fluffy, have no static, and no more laundry allergies. Natural is better and the Wonder Laundry Ball is the best!

Rosemarie Pierron

I have been using the GLB for 3 years and have ordered 3 more balls 1 for my granddaughter (the least little thing in laundry soap breaks her skin out), 1 for my home and 1 for the RV. I have been more than happy with this little ball; my clothes always come out smelling fresh and clean. I am anxious to try the other products that I have ordered.
Thank you for making a product that is well worth its weight in gold.

Linda Slaughter, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Dear Fern,
I have used your laundry balls for five years – I really like the way they work – they leave the clothes so soft and smell so fresh and are good for the environment! In other words, I love’em!
I have also used the vials for five years and have found many uses for them as well, I found the more I use them the better I like them, they’re great on windows and mirrors, I spray them in my dishwater to help cut grease and are great for removing sticky labels from bottles and jars my list could go on. I tell my friends, “just try them, they work wonderful.”

Gay Baxter

Recently my daughters’ friends went out of town for a week, so I got the job of washing this football uniforms. They were once white, now they were so dirty, smelled real bad and they were grassed stained so bad!!!! So, I did pretreat the grass stains and washed them with the ball. They came out so clean and smelled fresh. During the wash cycle I opened the lid of the washer to see what the water looked like. I could not believe my eyes, it was gross how much dirt came out in the wash. Thank goodness for your laundry ball.
My skin continues to improve, each day I use less and less of all the creams and lotions.

Connie Christensen

Dear Fern,
Vicki put the Laundry Ball into her Hoover upright steam cleaner with hot water instead of putting in the carpet cleaning solution. She feels it cleaned better than before. She also got suds out of the carpet, which means that old residue was coming out of the carpet. This should eventually mean cleaner carpets as the old residue helps attract dirt. With 3 small children she cleans her carpet fairly often. She got the sour smell out of her washing machine after using the ball when nothing else she used before worked. She also noticed less lint from the dryer and softer clothes.

Dear Fern,
We have property in the mountains where we have a small cabin – which we don’t get to as often as we’d like. In fact, recently we were there to do week abatement around the buildings, as required for fire regulations. This was our first visit in about a year.
Upon opening up the structure to air it our prior to spending a couple days, we began to dust and clean and remove the bedding to air it out. As you know, a small area when closed for any period of time, tends to get musty.
Upon pulling back the sleeping bag on top, there were traces indicating a mouse (or mice) had made themselves at home between the sleeping bags. One of the intruders had, in fact, died and sort of mummified there. We were sure the new sleeping bags would never be usable again. We made a decision to bring them home and attempt to salvage them, they had only been used once and were expensive when purchased a year prior.
On a trip into the Midwest my husband had come across the GLB and found it to be an interesting item. Recommended to him by a friend, he purchased one, skeptically and said “This will be a good test for the laundry ball.”
Our first use of the GLB was to attempt to salvage the sleeping bags. The stained area was pre-treated and placed in the washer with the laundry ball- nothing else! Upon removal from the washer, there was no trace of the stain, no residual odor, and the bags were soft and fluffy – ready for use again.
My husband’s investment in the laundry ball paid off as, we felt the sleeping bags were ruined. Even though the stained area was not too large, the idea of using them again was repulsive. The final results changed our minds. We have no qualms of slipping between them on our next tip to the mountains.
Thank you for truly a wonderful product.

Sharon Hoagland, SJH School Administrator

Dear Fern,
I simply drop the GLB into a pail of water and start cleaning……carpet spots, floors, windows and mirrors and of course laundry! Anything.! Also love it as a conditioner, spritzer in my hair. Keep up the wonderful work.


Dear Fern,
I do custodial work at the courthouse. I have used the Laundry Ball to treat Bathroom Cleaner and found it to help cut down the amount of cleaner by 2/3 that I would normally have to use.
Thank you,

R. L. Gilliland, Director Maintenance and Custodial Dept. Washington County Courthouse

Monastery of Saint Dominic Newark, New Jersey, Dec. 1 1997
Dear Fern,
Our laundry balls have begun their career in the wash! Thank you for the “extras” you sent.
God Bless,

Sister Mary

Dear Gunderson,
I love the laundry ball. My clothes look great, smell fresh, and I love not using any soap.
Thank you,

Deborah Jamison

Dear Fern,
A week of doing laundry with the ball, It’s amazing!
Thank you,

Sherry Anderson, Michigan

Dear Fern,
Our daughter will be 27 in June and all her life we have dealt with skin irritations due to eczema. Her skin breaks out from many things, but mostly from laundry and cleansing soap product use.
While she was in college her skin became its’ worst when, for convenience, she was using dryer sheets in her laundry. She came home in May with the worst rashes and infections on her hands, arms, and legs than she had ever experienced. The constant irritation and itching made it very difficult to deal with the condition. We sought professional help in dealing with the infection and irritation and prescription ointment helped clear up the condition. She was also on summer break from college (and dryer sheet use) and we hadn’t really connected their use with her worsening skin condition at that time.
The doctor did diagnose her skin condition as eczema and so we became busy with reading and finding as much information about eczema as we could. Lo and behold we found that just about every laundry, body lotion, body soap, deodorant, and even some clothing fibers could drastically worsen eczema conditions. Most all health, beauty, and laundry products contain fragrances, oils, or other ingredients that have been identified in articles as having bad effects on skin conditions. What we also found most interesting is that some products, even listed by brand names, were especially bad for people who have eczema or other skin irritation conditions. The particular type of dryer sheet that our daughter had been using for the past two years was listed as one of the worst contributors to worsening skin conditions. We had known for years that bath/body products and laundry products definitely played a big part in how her skin looked.
At about this same time, the Gunderson Laundry Ball was featured in our local paper, The Arlington Citizen. That article couldn’t have come at a better time for us. I knew as soon as I read about the ball that it was definitely more than worth a try. We started noticing favorable effects on our daughter’s skin before the second week of using the ball in the laundry. The topical ointment that the doctor prescribed worked on healing the infected areas but the use of the laundry ball worked on allowing the areas to completely heal. The continued use of the GLB has made all the difference in the appearance of our daughter’s skin. The irritated areas on her legs and arms have completely healed and all that remains are scars that will eventually fade. We don’t have to keep track of the number of times we use the GLB to know when we need a new one, we can tell by her skin condition – When she starts breaking out, we know it’s time to replace the ball.
The other bigger effect the GLB has had on our daughter’s life is that because of its use and the fact that her skin has healed has had noticeable impact on her self-esteem and self-confidence. She has spent the majority of her life being embarrassed by the fact that her legs and arms always looked terrible. The itching was over whelming – she would awaken in the mornings having unknowingly scratched the areas during sleep and it was just a constant, vicious battle because I would chew her out for having scratched her skin so much. I even suggested that she sleep with gloves on so if she did scratch it wouldn’t be as damaging. Of course, she thought that was the most stupid thing she had ever heard and never tried it.
We reached a point when she was in high school that we couldn’t even talk about the condition because it was just an unpleasant topic. I always thought the condition didn’t heal because of her constant scratching and she always thought she was the cause of the worsening condition. The only thing we knew for sure at that time was that laundry and hand soap products seemed to make some difference, but we couldn’t put our finger on just how important they really were going to become.
So, you see the GLB is not just good for skin conditions, it is also good for self-image. It has been a blessing in our daughter’s life and it truly is the only complete solution we have ever found to her eczema condition.
We gave the two new GLB’s to our daughter the following day after receiving them from you and she was SO EXCITED. She has recently moved from our home into an apartment of her own and can’t even imagine doing laundry without the ball. Other people who haven’t experienced all that our daughter has experienced with eczema can’t begin to understand how or why something like this can have such a powerful effect on a mundane chore of doing he laundry. But I can honestly say that our daughter was more excited to get those two new GLB’S than she was on some Christmas morning opening long-awaited gifts.
Fern, it was a pleasure speaking with you and I certainly encourage you to keep up the good work! We love the GLB and I know our daughter doesn’t want to imagine her life without it- it’s been a great gift from you to us. Thanks a million!

Barb Krause

I am so happy we took the time to stop by your shop the end of July. As I told you at the time, your GLB had aroused my curiosity. I had seen the ball in a number of different places, but just could not bring myself to purchase it. Visiting with you convinced us to try the ball, after all, what did we have to lose? With the 30 day guarantee, all we had to do was try it and if we didn’t like it we’d get our money back.
Well let me tell you, the first 5 or 6 loads, my husband and I stood staring into our washing machine, amazed at what we saw. Unbelievable amount of dirty and soapy water kept appearing in the tub…We washed the towels first as you suggested…two times and then dried them, in less time, and they were so soft…I just could not believe they were as soft as they were without any fabric softener. And just to make sure they were clean, I took one of the kitchen towels that Rick is always complaining felt greasy, and cleaned the bathroom mirror, no streaks, nothing, just plain clean. After that, I proceeded to wash everything in the house except the curtains and draperies, which I will get to sometime this month. So far we are very pleased with the ball…Good going lady.
I have to say, I do believe the magnets make the shower water softer and the soap lathers better. Our toilet bowl is cleaner than it has been since we moved here.
We have a new house and found it very frustrating to be unable to keep the bowl clean. Thank goodness for the Gunderson Theory.
Best of luck in the future, Fern,

Linda Davey, M.V., Iowa

Clothes are softer. And I notice they do dry out a little quicker, too. I like how the clothes do not stick to you when you start sweating. I never have cared for detergents because of the odor they produced when I started to sweat while working…now that is gone. The smell in the washing machine is gone. There also appears to be less lint to contend with.
I have to admit, the magnets work excellent on the shower head and the lines into the toilets.
As far as I am concerned, your products will save us money all around on chemicals that are bad for the environment and on our utility bills, as soon as my wife gets everything washed 2 or 3 times in order to remove all past residue.
We have not tried the vial in a spray bottle yet, but rest assured, they are on the agenda.
Thanks for introducing us to the Gunderson Laundry Ball. Our water is hard as a will knock you out if you get in it’s way. We need all the help we can get to soften it up, and we really like your ball for that purpose.

Rick Davey, M.V. Iowa, 51555

Being Kind to the Environment
I truly love the Wonder Laundry and Dryer Balls. For some time, I have been more conscious about being kinder to where we live. I have become painfully aware of how polluted our water sources are becoming and how precious a resource water is. I have switched to using organic items wherever I can, and the Complete Laundry System has helped me reduce my contribution of chemicals into the water.
Because of where we live, we still use a little natural laundry detergent in each load with the Wonder Laundry Ball, but I feel better about the overall effect I am having on the water supply. Since I started going organic, I have become very sensitive to chemical smells and I can tell when someone uses fabric softener or fragranced laundry detergent. It is so nice to pull the clothes out of the dryer and not have the smells bombard me. Since we are not using a lot of chemicals in our laundry, our clothes tend to last longer, and even without fabric softener, our clothes feel softer and nicer. The Complete Laundry System helps our family be kinder to the environment.

Twylia Westling

Odors from Farm Gone
I have always worked very hard. Recently I injured my back while working at a farm. I have never been able to sit still and since my injury did not allow me to go back to work, I began helping more around the house. After I started using the Wonder Laundry Ball in the clothes washer and the Wonder Dryer Balls in my clothes dryer, I noticed a significant difference with my clothes. My family’s clothes are as clean as they have ever been and my socks are absolutely white. I have recommended the complete laundry system to my family and friends.
I told my brother, who owns a tanning salon, that the Complete Laundry System would cut his costs and make his towels a lot fluffier for his customers. Before I started using the Wonder Laundry Ball, I purchased two bottles of detergent and they are still sitting on my shelf months later. Thank you!

Brian Decker

No More Skin Irritations
I have been using the Wonder Laundry Ball for nine years with continued great results. I have had many challenges with skin irritations. For many years I had been on a quest to find the right product to clean my clothes without causing skin breakouts. I am very thankful for the Wonder Laundry Ball. Now it is so easy to do a load of wash without all the chemicals I used to buy and my washing machine stays very clean as well. Yes, I was skeptical at first. I had to do the challenge, and now I am so thankful that I did. My favorite shirts, linens, and jeans are just like new. They even have some years left in them. When the linens get stored in the linen dresser, they always keep their freshness just like when they were put away. The Wonder Laundry Ball is truly great for our Mother Earth.

Vern Schroeder

Dear Fern,
Here is list of what I have found with using your Laundry Ball.
1.Super scum free soft clothes and bedding. Saves water and drying time also.
2.Washed R. Meads Suede Jacket, came out perfect.
3.Best clean shine for windows, mirrors, Television Screen, Microwave oven, stove, refrigerator. They stay clean much longer. No streaks!
4.Cleaned car windows, my kitchen table glass top and any glass is streak free.
5.Great to put dish clothes and face clothes in water and no residue coming out of the clothes. Great water to clean face with is a must.
6.It’s good to know, no more soaps, etc, are going into my septic tank. I am sure it will improve the function of the tank.
Thank you for the GLB,

H. Pederson, Cushing, Iowa

Dear Fern,
Just had to let you know how great the Spray Vial is. Among many uses, finally uses, finally I got a “nickel” size of red cake frosting stain out of carpet. It had been there 12 years and I had tried different products to no avail. Finally today I sprayed it wet and let it set for 15 minutes and began to work at it. After 3 times, each getting lighter it no longer can be seen. I was trying to remove what looked like black grease or whatever comes out of a machine shed floor. Something carried in under a shoe, I’m thinking.
At any rate presto! It’s all gone. Thanks for the vial, this was really a rescue. Thank you for the promptness of my order.

Lola Ehlers

Dear Fern,
I received the Wonder Ball today. Thank You for the speedy response. I will definitely tell all my friends about the Wonder Ball. I have been very pleased with the way my clothes feel and smell since I’ve been using it. My towels are so soft and fluffy and smell so good. I had to start chemo treatments in March due to cancer, and I told all the nurses and staff at the cancer clinic about your product. I took the folder that came with my new ball with me, and they made several copies of it to pass around. I’m sure you will be receiving several orders from Lima, Ohio. Thank you for the toilet tank cleaner that you sent with the ball. I already installed it in the toilet tank, and I know I will be pleased with it too.
Again Thanks,

Gladys Myers

Dominican Nuns of the Perpetual Rosary
Union City, New Jersey 07067
Dear Mrs. Gunderson,
I have been experimenting with the Gunderson Laundry Ball. I have a great deal of trouble with my feet. The nails are so hard that it is difficult to cut them. I put the GLB (Great Laundry Ball) in a basin and added warm water. I soaked my feet for twenty minutes. I do that regularly and my feet no longer bother me. The nails get soft and can be cut with ease. I must wear support hose. They are always so itchy. Now I wash them with the GLB and they don’t itch. I also found the water from the GLB to clean my glasses better than any solution.
Sincerely yours,

Mother Mary Jordon

My name is Linda Hummel and I use the laundry ball, have for 3 years & wouldn’t be without it. If I have a stain, I treat it before I wash the article of clothing like I normally would.
I have a beauty shop in my home. I keep the vial in a spray bottle for cutting hair, keeps the hair wetter. I spray a head of wrapped perm rods, to make the solution absorb better.
I also wear contacts and when I clean them I use the water from my bottle with the vial in. They stay cleaner longer and feel so comfortable in my eyes. Like I said, wouldn’t be without my laundry ball.
Thank you for the great products,

Linda Hummel, Cushing, Iowa

Dear Fern
Thank you so much for sending the new Laundry Ball. My youngest daughter stayed with me this week after her little daughter had surgery, and she used the ball to wash the baby’s laundry. She was so pleased that I let her take my new one home with her today. Could you send me another one?
As I told you over the phone, I have used my old one for over 18 months and have been very satisfied with the results. I do about 8 loads of laundry weekly and have saved so much on detergent and softener! I am sure that my other daughters will soon agree to use these also. It really is hard to believe until you try it!
Thanks again,

Shirley Neff

Thank you!
You have improved my life more than I can express. I have washed everything in the house – walls, windows, floors, dishes, clothes, even the down comforter, which I’ve been reluctant to wash before came out beautifully. Also yards of new raw silk were washed with “the Ball” without ruining the sheen. My cashmere sweaters were never so soft or so clean. I have always used the most gentle, most natural cleaning products I could find, I’m very sensitive to chemicals.
I’m in love with these products, not only are they chemical free, they work better than anything.
A few months ago I spilled a large amount of stainless steel cleaner on the carpet in my office. I used several products and made many attempts to clean the carpet, each time a film was left which was dirty in a few days. A couple of days after receiving “the Ball” I put it in a bucket of hot water and used a brush to clean the carpet, that was about a month ago, it still looks great!
I had no idea that plain water and of course “the Ball” could clean so well. I ended doing the whole office including the entire carpet, windows, mirrors and glass top tables all of which came out sparkley with no streaks.
As an aesthetician I was anxious to try the “vialed water” with the facials what a remarkable difference. I use it in the steam packs and in the water to remove masks and in a spray bottle to moisturize. I use the “vialed” water on my own face everyday several times. My skin was always good, now it’s great.
The bath is the best part, I put magnets on incoming and outgoing pipes of the hot water heater, it’s like bathing in fresh rain water.
For someone who hates to clean I’ve sure been doing a lot of it, with great pleasure and great results. One more very nice surprise, the toilet bowl stays clean.
Also I use the vial in my drinking water. I hope it cleans my insides as well as it cleans everything else. It sure tastes better, more like the fresh spring water I knew as a child.
This is a very long and rambling letter, but you get the idea, I am very excited about these products. They are the best ever. You should get a prize, however my heartfelt, joyful thanks is all I have to give you.

Norma M, Ross CMT

Hi Fern
After years and years of using laundry detergents on my clothes and paying out considerable sums of money for the privilege, I was surprised and pleased when my friend sent me this laundry ball saying that she never has to buy detergents ever again and her clothes come out fresh and clean. It seemed like magic, but I decided to give it a try. I must admit it did take about 4-5 washes before I really began to see the results – it seems that there is a build up of the detergents in the machine that takes a while to get rid of – however now it is just wonderful. I have done hundreds of washes with my laundry ball and I am recommending it highly to my friends, family and business associates.

Barbara Goldsmith, London, United Kingdom

I’m very happy with the 3 Laundry Balls that I purchased from you via Whole Foods Grocery Store. I gave 2 out as Christmas gifts. Three generations of my family are delighted by the results they’ve had with their GLB’s .
I’m looking forward to using my GLB this year while backpacking and bicycle touring. It’s very easy to treat small amounts of water quickly with the GLB. So, it’ll be easy to thoroughly clean soiled hiking and or cycling shorts. Plus I don’t have to worry about detergents mucking up a wilderness area’s water table. I can wash stream side because of this.
The GLB is definitely one of the best, most useful gadgets that I purchased in 1997. And….the GLB is going to help me tread lighter in 1998.

Todd Wagner

Dear Fern,
In recent years my husband has been troubled with irritated skin on his arms and back. I tried using less detergent and experimented with other brands but the problem continued. With that in mind, you really caught my attention when I heard you speak on the radio about the Gunderson Water Treatment Ball.
We started using the GLB and my husband soon overcame his initial skepticism. Our clothes are softer now, without fabric softener, and my husband’s skin discomfort has cleared up nicely.
Also, I would like to thank you for your prompt phone reply (same day), when I needed more information. I look forward to trying the new products you are developing at the present time.
Gratefully yours,

Valerie M. Nigro

Dear Fern,
I thought I’d let you know that since you sprayed your water treatment on the back of my knees, the rash is gone. By the time I got home that night the rash was almost gone, so I decided to take a bath using the laundry ball. I suffer from many different skin rashes which until now I’ve had to go to the doctor and get cortisone shots, creams, or pills to relieve my discomfort. Over the years I have tried every over the counter cream to relieve my dry skin. When all along all I need was that wonderful vial, duck and ball.
I even thought that this was just a coincidence, so I stopped using the water treatment vial and duck, and guess what? The rash retuned with 1 day. For all those people out there that suffer with skin problems, please try the Gunderson items. Of course you still need to use something to moisturize your skin, but you will use a lot less. I also had a dry itchy scalp and I’m anxious to try the magnets for the shower head.
What else can I say? This stuff is great! For all you non believers out there, what could it hurt to try something like the Gunderson Water Treatment items?
Thanks Fern!! I’m a believer now.

Connie Christensen

Dear Fern,
to you and yours, “HAPPY NEW YEAR!”
We gave all of our 8 children laundry balls for Christmas. At Thanksgiving time when our daughter, Carla was going to visit our daughters, Jeanne & Christianna in Florida, we sent laundry balls with her to give as early Christmas gifts. She was really enjoying the convenience of never running out of laundry cleaner. She is 20 years old trying to earn enough money to go to school – so the ball would have helped her financially. As it is now Christianna borrows her sister Jeanne’s pink laundry ball when she does her laundry & Jeanne’s upset as she really needs her laundry ball with doing wash for her 2 young children & husband. Please help prevent a family feud if you possibly can. As far as I know all of our other children are really having a “ball” with their laundry balls. Today I am mailing my mother (85) a green laundry ball to North Carolina, so she can have a “ball” at 85 years old. Ha! Ha! It will really help her a lot “money wise” & “energy wise.” She won’t have to tote heavy detergents home. It will help her health wise, too, as she suffers from a lot of allergies.
Thanks again for your awesome laundry ball invention. Our family and customers are really having a “ball!” Now we’ll have to order more.

Carole Harrison

Even Diapers Come Clean
I have been using the Wonder Laundry Ball for about 10 years. I first decided to give it a try just for kicks and I wasn’t expecting much. I had always used regular detergent: any brand from any store, as long as it was unscented. The Wonder Laundry Ball intrigued me because how could something that looked something like a dog toy really clean my laundry.
The first load of laundry I washed with the ball was our bedding. When I crawled into bed that night, I noticed the freshness of the sheets. I was used to having unscented sheets, but this non-scent was different, a smell that was like fresh, clean air after a thunderstorm. I loved it! I’ve been using it ever since. The big test came when I had my second child and chose to use cloth diapers. At first I thought the ball wouldn’t be strong enough to do the job, so I switched back to detergent, but I still used the ball on the rest of the household laundry. After about three months of washing diapers with detergent, I started to get build up and odors in the diapers. I wondered if the Wonder Laundry Ball could eliminate the detergent build up, so I tried it just for that purpose. It worked beautifully, so I thought that maybe the Wonder Laundry Ball could just wash the diapers by itself. I tried it and it worked great, better than the detergent ever did! For the next two years, I washed my daughter’s diapers with the Wonder Laundry Ball. At first, I experimented with a few other detergents or methods, like baking soda, but I always concluded that the Wonder Laundry Ball did a better job.
My daughter is now five. About two weeks ago, I found a box of cloth diapers stored in the closet. They still smelled clean! I’d been concerned about some residue turning yucky, but it wasn’t an issue. Many moms who use cloth diapers know how the detergent build up and resulting smell is a recurring issue.
Some people have a hard time believing that the Wonder Laundry Ball works so well. When I show them the results, they are always amazed. I am still a happy user of the Wonder Laundry Ball. I don’t use any detergent, but I do pretreat stains. I find that I usually don’t need fabric softener. The Wonder Dryer Balls also work well. Even denim comes out of the dryer nice and soft.

Katrina Abrams

I Use Ball Water for Everything
I adore my laundry ball and can’t imagine using anything else to do laundry or clean with. My clothes are soft and clean and my colors are bright. Stains are like a thing of the past. Even if you do drop something on your clothing, it just seems to wash right out with little or no extra effort. My seven month old grand daughter lives with me and her clothes are always stain free and look like new. As for other cleaning, I use “Ball” water for everything. The smells of cleaners are so offensive to me, I couldn’t imagine using them in my home. I use “Ball” water for bathing, mopping, watering plants, cleaning the coffee maker, bathrooms, windows, dusting, styling my hair, drinking water for my cats, water for the humidifier, and the list just continues! It’s wonderful to know that I can do all of this with a non-toxic product. That means everything to me.

Casey Cockerham

Even Horse Blankets Come Clean
We have a health food store in Virginia and have been selling the Wonder Laundry Ball for six years. We have always been amazed at the testimonials that our customers share with us regarding the fantastic results achieved using this awesome, handy, safe to use, super cleansing, economical Wonder Laundry Ball! One of our customers washes her horse blankets using her Wonder Laundry Ball and was amazed at how clean the they became. We now have sparkling clean laundry and we no longer have allergy problems. Our heartfelt thanks for this super convenient, wonderfully cleaning laundry ball.

Lee and Carole Harrison

Save Money and the Environment
I have been using the Complete Laundry System for over a year. I have also purchased three additional sets for my family and have shared the information with many friends. The obvious attraction for me was the savings of not having to buy laundry detergent and dryer sheets. The Compete Laundry System is very “Green” and I no longer have to have any concerns about using chemicals in traditional laundry products that hurt the environment. After a year, my family’s clothes are consistently clean, fresh, and looking good. A huge bonus for me is that I seem to have tamed my ongoing battle with eczema. I give a lot of the credit to the Wonder Laundry Ball.

Chris Tudury

Dear Fern,
I just wanted to let you know how well your laundry ball and vial work. I was visiting my sister in Missouri and she gave me a laundry ball and vial to take home. While I was there, she did my laundry with the ball. Needless to say I was quite skeptical but very impressed with the results.
When I got home, I used the ball on every load of very dirty towels. They really came out clean and white. I also decided to use the vial. I needed to clean up my kitchen. I had been away for two weeks and leaving 2 young adults home can lead to a very messy kitchen. I really was surprised to see how well it cleans. I have black granite countertops and the vial got them very clean and shiny. I t also did a great job on a greasy tea kettle. It also cleaned up the hair ball messes my cats deposited on my cream colored rugs. It took out the spots without really soaking the carpet. I am a convinced and happy customer and will look for many more ways to use the vial.
Thank you,

B. Sullivan, Canterbury, New Hampshire

Dear Fern,
One day I ran too much cold water in the tub that had a ball in it, and had to dip some out. My cats started drinking out of that container and will not go back to regular water.
Another instance, I walked very near to some poison ivy and broke out with small bumps on my legs the next day, even though I had thoroughly bathed with the ball in the tub, after the walk. I don’t have to touch the ivy in order to get it. So, I decided to monitor it each time I bathed in the treated water. I did use a topical solution, also, but usually poison ivy is a miserable experience for me, lasting about two weeks or so. These bumps seemed to go down after every bath and never did itch so bad that I just had to scratch. They just haven’t bothered me. You can barely tell where they were now.
Thanks so much for making the balls! They have changed my life for the better!

Carol Hugh, Iowa

Cleaning with Ball Water is Best
When I first heard about the Wonder Laundry Ball, I was very skeptical. It took a lot of reading about the experiences of others before I decided to try it for myself.I can honestly say that my skepticism was unfounded. Now that I’ve tried it myself, I believe that the Wonder Laundry Ball is a marvelous product! Not only does it clean laundry as well as or even better than detergent, but everyone who uses it helps the environment by not using the chemical filled detergents which helps you save money.
My clothes are softer and brighter than before and they feel better next to my skin. I still use a stain remover when I have food or other tough stains, but now all, yes all of the stains are gone when I take my clothes out of the washer. The best and most unexpected benefit has been the ball water. I have never worked with a product that makes cleaning with no chemicals easier. I just fill my bucket with water and swish a Wonder Laundry Ball around in the water for a minute or two to get ball water. I use it to clean my bathroom walls, floors, tubs, and showers. I also clean windows, crystal, mirrors, stainless steel, both granite and tile counter tops, stains on carpet or upholstery, and just about anything else you can imagine.
I no longer need to carry around different cleaning agents or make different buckets of cleaning solutions. It’s so easy to just wet down my microfiber cleaning cloth, wipe the item I want to clean and then dry it with my white towels. The ball water removes soap scum from everything in the bathroom and makes it shine like new. My granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances shine and don’t streak. Crystal, mirrors, and windows sparkle. It’s so easy and effortless to use.


Eczema Rash and Asthma Better
I love the Wonder Laundry Ball. It cleans perfectly, doesn’t make my clothes smell funny,and has helped improve the health of my family. The Wonder Laundry Ball cleans as well as any petroleum based cleaner does. Many of the best selling brands are petroleum based. But the Wonder Laundry Ball isn’t and it doesn’t make your clothes smell. Amazingly, using the Wonder Laundry Ball has even helped stop my daughter’s eczema rash and asthma. I bring my laundry balls on vacation because I cannot stand how the other cleaners smell. When friends give my children clothes, I am amazed by the odor from the petroleum based cleaners. I am a believer that clean should not have an odor. With the Wonder Laundry Ball, all of our clothes are spotless. The Wonder Dryer Balls help dry our clothes faster than ever. Since it is all natural with healing minerals, we also use the Wonder Laundry Ball to create water that is great for everything from cleaning hardwood floors, to taking a soothing bath, to cleaning the car, and getting food stains off the sofa. I recommend the Complete Laundry System to all of my friends.

Gayla Moghannam

The End to Bad Smelling Laundry
I have been using the Wonder Laundry Ball for quite some time now with excellent results. I love the fact that I don’t have to buy laundry detergent any more. My clothes come out clean and smelling fresh. Before, when I did a load of towels, I would have to immediately dry them very thoroughly or they would smell terrible. If I forgot about them and left them in the dryer for a while, they smelled musty and moldy and I’d have to rewash them with a lot of detergent. Recently, I washed a load of towels with the Wonder Laundry Ball and forgot to put them in the dryer for eight hours. I was sure that I would have to wash them again. To my surprise, they still smelled fresh, so I put them in the dryer and they came out smelling as fresh as if they had been line dried! It’s comforting to know that now my clothes have no chemicals from detergents in them and my clothes now feel so much better against my skin. The Wonder Laundry Ball is saving me a great deal of money and time!

Kevin Roslansky, President of Helping America

Four Months with No Detergents
There are times when you have so much success with a product that you can’t stop talking about it. That is how I feel about the Complete Laundry System. I discovered the Wonder Laundry and Dryer Balls four months ago and I have never enjoyed doing the laundry as much as I do now.
My old routine was to start the wash, go back to add soap enhancer, then go back and add an oxygen additive to whiten the clothes. Now my routine is start the wash with the Wonder Laundry Ball and no soap and come back in an hour. Then I move the clothes to the dryer with the Wonder Dryer Balls and turn on the dryer. When I come back, the clothes are dry with no wrinkles or problems. These last four months have been great because I have not spent any money at all on any laundry products. Sometimes a product can make life better and this is definitely one of those times.

John Kestler

Dear Fern,
A friend of mine mentioned to me about the wonder laundry balls and how fantastic they were. I was delighted to hear about this product, because I have been searching for something with which I could wash my clothes, which would be toxic-free, environmentally friendly, which I could recommend to all my patients (I am an Alternative Health Consultant), specially to the ones suffering from cancer. My friend also referred me to a place in New York City where I could purchase the mystic wonder laundry balls.
The very next day, I purchased four laundry balls and put them to the test right away. My wife and I wash 4 loads of dirty clothes a week, including gym clothes, working clothes, and others. Using the mystic laundry balls only, our clothes came out very clean, soft, and the colors were brighter. I was quite overwhelmed with the results.
Therefore, I no longer use any laundry soap, bleach, nor softener. Doing laundry now is no longer an ordeal for us. We are very sensitive to chemical products, including bleach, and we no longer need to use them.
As a result of the wonderful experience I have had using the wonder laundry balls, I began to inform my patients about them. The patients who have purchased the wonder balls have raved with great satisfaction about the results, and they were also very happy with their future savings.
For example, one of my patients who is a horseback-rider and teacher, who works in a horse farm, initially found it hard to believe that she could wash all her muddy and filthy work clothes, with no laundry soap and just water. She called me up with great excitement and disbelief, raving about how clean her clothes came out, just using the mystic wonder laundry ball and water.
My wife and my patients, as well as I are very satisfied using the wonder balls. I will continue to inform other patients, friends and family members, about the truly wonder balls.
Best regards,

Dr. Jose Gonzalez 718-424-3427

Lab Tests Prove It Works
I work in radio sales and our station runs various promotions for our advertisers. Twice a year, we have an auction program. For this program businesses trade their goods and services in return for advertising. We then sell these items to our listeners at a discounted price. It is a win-win situation for our listeners and for our advertisers, so it is very popular.
We have had the Complete Laundry System on our show quite a few times and the response has been terrific. People will call our program to rave about the successes they have had and insist on buying more for their friends and family. One caller sticks in my memory because of his unique situation. He works at a fur farm and quite often he would come home with very dirty clothes that had a very bad odor. After he purchased a Complete Laundry System he called back and expressed how happy he was to have fresh, clean clothing and reduced drying times. He was amazed that his clothes could smell so fresh and be entirely odor free without using a fragranced detergent or fabric softener. He was also able to set his dryer to a lower drying time and his clothes would be just as dry.
We do all of our auction programs live without any time delay, so if a customer wanted to call to share a complaint we could not screen it out. Over the course of our auction programs, I have probably sold over 150 Wonder Laundry Balls and Complete Laundry Systems and I have never had a single complaint.
My family and many of my co-workers are proud to own a Wonder Laundry Ball because they work.
They have a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and everyone I’ve ever known who has a Wonder Laundry Ball is 100 percent satisfied. It really works!

Simon Fuller

Dear Fern,
This may be a “first” for your amazing G.L.B.; Our horse-blanket looks wonderfully clean!!! and smells likewise! (This is worn by our retired Welsh pony who “companions” with the steers we raise annually to sell for our Farm Assessment Tax. Molly enjoys rolling in a wet pasture so you can see how effective the Ball is!! May God bless you and protect your dear ones, Fern. We are deeply grateful for all your goodness to us and keep you in our devoted prayers. Please pray for us.
In God’s family for Mother Prioress
And all the Sisters and all our animals.

St. Teresa`s Press, Flemington, N.J. 08822 Dear Fern,

Dear Fern:

I really enjoyed our chat this afternoon, when I phoned to place an order for the Laundry Wonder Ball. It pleased me that you recalled meeting me at the Riverside Resort in Laughlin, Nevada three or four years ago.
I want to thank you for taking the time and patience to explain the Laundry Wonder Ball to me, as we both pulled handles on the quarter slots. I had absolutely no clue what you were talking about until I felt the material of the jeans you were wearing. How clean looking and soft, washed without soap. That really made me pay attention. Thank goodness you had an extra Wonder Ball in the trunk of your automobile. I have been using one since and would not be without it. I take the Ball where ever I travel. My clothes are now without chemicals and as soft as your jeans:-). I also use it in all my hand washing.
The small vial for the spray bottle that you included in one of my orders is a small wonder. I still do not understand how it works but it does and in so many ways I wont take the time to count. I keep it handy to clean the bathroom mirrors, windows and fixtures. Just spray on and wipe to a beautiful shine without effort. I clean my face with cream or face cleanser, rinse, close my eyes and mist with the spray bottle to remove any remaining chemicals. On a bad hair day when the air if full of electricity, I walk through the room and mist lightly with my little trusty vial. The vial is also great for cleaning the faces of my kitchen appliances with little effort.
I may have lost on the quarter slots in Laughlin but I won in a big way the day I met you, Fern. Your Wonder Ball and vial for the spray bottle have both saved so much money that would have otherwise been spent on cleaning supplies.
Talk to you next time I place an order. God Bless You.


Dear Fern,
I am writing to let you know how thrilled I am with the GLB. My clothes are softer since they are not holding detergent residue and some colored items are looking brighter because they also are not layered with cleaning powders. I am a massage body worker in a clinic so my clothes get plenty oily. I pre-treat my clothes with Arm and Hammer washing soda and launder with the GLB for great results.
I feel good about not polluting our water and using water to its full potential. Another thing I am happy about is not buying all the packaging that is part of laundry detergent. Not contributing to the landfills, no pollutants! This appeals to my frugal nature.
I had heard about other laundry balls and disc but never bought them because the advertising was too glossy. I figure that a lot of advertising, or the advertising that is slick is a red flag….some thing to be suspicious of. It drives up the cost without adding
to the value of the actual product. So when I ventured upon your very quiet booth, at the Whole Life Expo, with real man-made signs, and someone who was not hard selling, I knew the product has honesty and merit.
Thank you for making a great product, the GLB, and for your sincerity.

Sandra Aumiller, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Ms. Fern Gunderson,
Just to let you know how pleased I am with both the Laundry Ball and Vial. I’d heard of laundry balls before and was skeptical when I purchased on of yours from a local health food store. The owner assured me it came with a money back guarantee so I figured I had nothing to lose by trying it.
Needless to say, I was surprised how effectively the GLB cleaned our clothes. It actually removed grease stains and I’m especially pleased that our laundry is naturally soft without fabric softener. Since I can give up detergents, bleach and softeners, the GLB save me money. Because I don’t have to use the rinse cycle, the GLB saves me time and water!
After I’d used the GLB for a few weeks, I discovered the Vial. The day after I bought it my niece spilled Hawaiian Punch on my white carpet. Food dye stains are the worst and nothing I tried took it out. I was about to give up when I remembered the Vial. I was absolutely amazed when the spot came out. It took some repeated treatments, but the spot disappeared almost completely. Since then, I’ve tried cleaning virtually everything with the Vial It cleans the grout on my kitchen counter.
One of my favorite uses for the Vial has been a hair detangler. My hair has more body than it has in years since there’s a conditioner buildup. I’ve also been using it as a moisturizer.
Thank you for developing a safe, non-toxic, inexpensive cleaner that works. You’ve got a customer for life and I’ve been buying the Vail for everyone I know. Best of luck and keep up the good work!

R. Hischier, Tempe, Arizona

Dear Fern,
Thank you for introducing us to the GLB. When I met you last fall and we talked about your new product I was somewhat skeptical. Now that we’ve used one for several months I’m amazed! This thing really works! We have a tanning salon and have to wash 75 to 100 towels every day. We were spending a lot of money for detergent, fabric softeners, and bleach. Now, with the LAUNDRY BALL we don’t have to buy any of that stuff. The towels come out very clean and soft and we’ve eliminated the rinse cycle. By using less water, electricity, and cleaning agents, the savings are substantial.
We also have Tennessee Walking Horses and you can imagine there’s lots of dirt associated with them. After riding, grooming, cleaning their feet, shoveling manure, cleaning stalls, and just doing everyday barn work, my jeans and shirts get pretty smelly and dirty. No problem for the LAUNDRY BALL. I treat the real grimy spots with shout and that’s it. My clothes get real clean and soft. Most of all, they smell good.
By nature I’m a curious person and for sometime I tried to figure out how the LAUNDRY BALL worked. But now, I don’t care. It works and that’s all that matters. I’m sorry for the folks who haven’t discovered this little magic ball. They don’t what they are missing and wasting. I intend to tell every one I know about it and I want you to know that you can use us as a reference any time!

T. Morgan, White Heath, Illinois

Dear Fern,
Just wanted to let you know how much we are using the “vial”. When we went on vacation in January, our windshield had gotten really grungy, and we stop at a discount store and bought a spritzer bottle. I had brought several vials with me along with the laundry balls to give to our hosts along our way. Anyway, I put the vial in the spritzer bottle and proceeded to clean the windshield right there in the parking lot. My husband was so impressed with it, he got the spritzer bottle out every night to clean the windshield for the next day. Then when we got home, he has used it on his truck windows, (He’s an over the road truck driver). He’s a fanatic about his windows and truck.
I also use it on my eyeglasses. It cleans better than the stuff you’re supposed to buy to clean them with. I use it on my mirrors and glass-top table and end tables. It works really good.
I am lost without my laundry ball! I sort my clothes by how long they need to dry in the dryer. I have ordered a spare, so I’ll have one on hand for if I accidentally put it in the dryer again.

Phyllis Campbell

Dear Fern,
Thank you for introducing me to the GLB. I took your advice and prepared my washing machine by running it through a cycle with no clothes. Then I washed a load of whites without any bleach and with only the GLB in lieu of detergent. One pair of socks was very dirty and a white sweatshirt that had already been washed several times had a stain on the front of it that refused to come out, even with heavy solutions of bleach. To my surprise the socks looked great and the sweatshirt’s stain was so faint that if I hadn’t known it was there, I wouldn’t have noticed it at all.
So, I washed a load of colored clothing and they were not only clean and bright, but as soft as if I’d put fabric softener in the load. Then I washed a load of all black clothing that are of a delicate fabric. They were blacker than I’d seen them in a long time and totally clean. I was surprised that the laundry had a clean fresh smell that I thought would only come from hanging them outside.
After that, I was getting bolder now, I decided to wash a suede jacket that I’ve had for about three years and had only been cleaned professionally. I hung it on a hanger in the bathroom overnight and it was not only clean, but had held its shape as if had been dry-cleaned, with no smelling chemicals!
I hope by now it’s obvious that I am convinced that I can not only wash my clothes without detergent and fabric softener. I”ll like them even better that before, Not only can I save the money I’ve been spending anal those chemicals, but I have the satisfaction of knowing that I am doing my part to save the environment.