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wonder laundry balls

What if people stopped discovering? Stopped wondering? Nothing would ever change. Fortunately, there are those who keep pushing the boundaries. Making something new, something original. “To grow you must be willing to let your present and future be totally unlike your past. TODAY THERE IS THE WONDER LAUNDRY BALL…….. FERN GUNDERSON 

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Directions For Use:

Preparing Machine: The first thing you do is clean the inner drum and spin paddles of your washing machine. This is accomplished by simply putting only the ball in the washing machine and running a complete cycle. At this time, you can clean the lint screen of your dryer with a brush and water. You may also want to clean the vent tubing of your dryer for maximum efficiency. You may be surprised at all the excess buildup. Most people are amazed at what comes out!

Washing: Simply throw the ball in your washing machine. Pre-treat stains and use bleach/whiteners, as you would normally do. Loosely add clothing and start machine. [FACT.. water can only hold and carry out so much dirt.] By overloading the washing machine, you will be inhibiting the cleaning ability of the water.

Observations: It is normal to see soapsuds in your wash water the first few times of washing your clothes with the Wonder Ball. After you have washed the same items of clothing several times you will gradually get out the layers of softeners and detergents, i.e.- fillers, ground glass, etc. commonly embedded into the fabric.

Advantages: Save money many different ways

  • If you choose to no longer use detergents; you may also choose to use the wash OR rinse cycle when washing your clothes – – saving on machine wear, electricity, time, and water.
  • If you decide to stop using detergents (harsh chemicals) all together, your clothing will last longer. They will no longer have the detergent i.e.-fillers, peanut shells, ground glass, etc. being forced in and out of the fabric.
  • You may cut drying time, saving you money, when you are not drying the detergents and fillers i.e. — peanut shells, ground corncobs — forced into the fibers of your clothing. DO NOT PUT LAUNDRY BALL IN DRYER
  • The natural colors of your clothing will not bleed or fade near as much (after the manufacturers dye colors have been set in). Remember: Clothing manufactures often add special whitening chemical agents to white fabrics. The ‘natural’ whiteness becomes apparent after using the Wonder Ball.
  • The natural colors of your clothing will not bleed or fade near as much (after the manufacturers dye colors have been set in).
  • Clothing and delicate lingerie will stay softer, brighter and the overall new appearance will remain longer.
  • Little or no ironing.
  • You will experience a more restful nights’ sleep for yourself and your children when sleeping on bedding that is free of chemical residues.
  • Detergent and chemical residue free clothing can make children less susceptible to rashes and allergies.
  • Soft and fluffy chemical free bath wraps, towels and face cloths.
  • Note:
    Children have a higher respiratory rate than adults, so they inhale three times the amount of contaminates, i.e.: chemical residues left in clothing and bedding. However, because their detox systems aren’t fully developed, they can’t filter toxins as adults do. We now have a higher rate of kids with cancer and learning disabilities than ever before. Indoor air pollution is a suspected culprit in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Ref: The Whole Earth Book Quiz — How well do you know your Planet by Bill Adler Jr. 1991


(Article conceived in the spirit of Edgar Cayce–The Sleeping Prophet’s belief that good health should be reflected in the products of the day. Let’s explore the possibilities that might exist if Cayce lived today.)

Here we sell a unique product for your laundry needs that not only renews the colors of your clothes, but also saves you money! It is called THE WONDER LAUNDRY BALL.

There are many different types of laundry balls on the market that use various technologies. For the purpose of this article, I am talking specifically about the type that uses minerals infused into a yellow vinyl sphere about the size of a tennis ball. Of course, Cayce believed in the use of minerals, but would he find the Wonder Laundry Ball intriguing?

Since Cayce professed that one should try to get all their minerals from the diet, perhaps generating a cleaning agent from minerals could be labeled Cayce-riffic! For sure, I know Cayce would admire the values and intent of the company.

The Wonder Ball comes from a big-hearted, little company in Iowa that hand-fills each ball, infusing them with, not only the energy-creating minerals but also with love and good intentions. “As ye sow in spirit, so may the mind build that ye reap in materiality. As ye sow in materiality, so may that mind build to make for dissension or a paralleling of an activity in the spiritual import. They are interchangeable.” (Reading 961-1)

Anyone familiar with the Cayce Readings knows his passion for pure soap in cleansing—what could be purer than no soap at all, or very little? The Wonder Ball uses physics principles for cleaning rather than chemicals —making it safer for humans and better for the environment. Cayce would surely love that!

To quote Cayce: Reading (275-31), “the better products, or the purer products, in their use for the protection or care of the skin, complexion, and the like.” Even though back in Cayce’s day, laundry detergents weren’t a big item, I am sure he would focus attention on them today. Did you know that laundry detergents are basically just water? That is what you are paying for…whereas with the Wonder Laundry Ball, it is a one-time purchase that lasts a lifetime!

All you need to do is throw the ball into your washer and turn on the machine. When I first got my Laundry Ball, I continued to use some organic detergent in conjunction with the Laundry Ball as old habits die hard, but I only used about 1/10 of my normal amount. As time progressed, I tested back and forth exactly how much washing liquid I needed or didn’t need and I recommend you do the same. Sometimes I pre-treat stains–sometimes not. My best review for the laundry ball is that your clothes look vibrant, you save money, you don’t have to carry huge, heavy detergent containers around anymore, and you help the environment by not adding more plastic items to landfills! Dr. Diane Bargonetti of New York City wrote this article.

Bottom line…You can read all the Information about this revolutionary way to do laundry, the only way to know Is to actually use one for 30 days.

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Beware of Laundry Detergent PDF

Read what Health News has to say about the Wonder Laundry Ball

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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, the Wonderball will work in ANY washing machine including high efficiency washers.

The Wonder Ball is a safe pvc/vinyl ball with a frequency enhanced mineral blend inside for use in your washing machine allowing you to use less (to none at all) laundry detergents.

There is a special frequency enhanced mineral formula in the ball. When the ball is agitated in the washing machine, there is an energy field created within the ball. It appears when the water molecules meet up with this the surface tension disperses. The water now can do the best in cleaning the fibers of any fabric. It is the water that does the cleaning. Through physics, not chemicals, you will get outstanding results.

Under normal use, it will last three plus years.

Yes, it works in both hard and soft water. The water can be either cold or warm.

This will help clean old buildup of previous detergents off inner drum and spin paddles.

You be the judge, see and feel the results for yourself without using them. 
We highly recommend the use of Wonder Dryer Balls to help cut down drying time.

Yes, it will help. Once you get the layers of old detergent / fabric softener buildup out you will notice a big difference.

Pre-treat them as you normally would. Some customers use diluted shampoo for ring around the collar and diluted dish soap for other stains.

It normally takes several washings of the same item.

It will help lessen or eliminate organic odors.

Yes, it is safe for the septic tank and the water table.

If your choice is to use no detergent; then you may choose to just use the wash OR rinse cycle when washing your clothes.

It lessens the exposure to chemicals and allergens normally found in laundry detergent.

Water can only hold a certain amount of dirt.

You will have less filler components normally used in laundry detergent clinging in the fibers of your clothes.

This is due to the absence of filler components commonly used in laundry detergents that help hold wrinkles in place.

Yes, just swish the ball around in the water and continue your normal process.

Yes, in fact it could possibly be the best thing you can do for your toddlers and young children. Imagine if you will, having all the children’s clothing free of harmful chemicals and residue from laundry detergent, thus having fewer allergies and skin rashes. Also, by not having these chemicals in the clothes your children will not be breathing them into their lungs when playing or sleeping. Nor will they be having their face rubbed in chemical residues while mom is giving them their daily bath