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Duck Tape Magnets

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Magnetic water conditioning using the technology of magneto hydrodynamics reduces tension, hinders growth of hard scale and helps remove existing scale.

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Mystic Wonders Duck Tape Magnets take randomly unorganized molecules and turn them into smaller more organized molecules. When a liquid passes through the field of a polarized magnetic field, a natural reduction in molecular size and alignment occurs, causing a synergistic effect. This smaller, organized molecule is capable of greater solvency, causing their penetrating properties to increase.

The Duck Tape Magnets will work on plastic, steel and copper lines. Good for shower heads and garden hoses, too. Lasts a life time, once in place. (set of 2)

Magnetic water conditioning using the technology of magneto hydrodynamics reduces tension, hinders growth of hard scale and helps remove existing scale.


Magnetic Water: 

Water is transparent, colorless, odorless, and tasteless. Water absorbs taste, odor, and color if some other liquid or soluble solid is mixed with it. When we expose water to continuous contact with a Magnet, water assimilates the properties of magnet and becomes magnetized. Magnetic water has immense therapeutic values. If taken orally, for a length of time, it is believed to assist in the healing of many a chronic disease. 

Preparing Magnetized Water: 

The method is extremely simple. Requirements are: 

(1)   Tightly closable glass bottle, glass jug, or, glass tumbler, with a capacity as per your requirements.

(2)   A strong North Pole magnet, roughly about 1500 to 2500 gauss capacity

(3)   A strong South Pole magnet about 1500 to 2500 gauss capacity

(4)   Boiled and cooled potable water as required. (Normal tap water is ok but boiled and cooled water is good). 

Keep the magnets on an even surface. Place the bottles (jugs, tumblers), as the case may be, on the magnets as shown in the illustration. Leave the arrangement undisturbed for about 12 hours. During this time magnetic field penetrates through the glass into the water, which absorbs the magnetic effects. Such magnetized water can be kept for at least 3 to 4 days without any letup in its therapeutic values.

How to use magnetized water:

We have 2 bottles, one on North Pole magnet and the other on South Pole magnet. You have to take one glass of Magnetic water taken from the bottle placed on North Pole Magnet in cases like infectious diseases, urinary infections, Typhoid etc. For general therapeutic uses and for improvement in digestion, proper bowel movement, clogged arteries, kidney problems, all kinds of fevers, pains, asthma, cold, cough, bronchitis, headaches, etc, mix water from both the bottles (North + South Pole) and drink.


Adults: About 50 ml each time, 3 times a day after breakfast, lunch and dinner

Children: About 25 ml each time 3 times a day.

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1 review for Duck Tape Magnets

  1. 5 out of 5

    Joyce Sharp

    I have used these magnets for over a decade. In my shower after all these years, my shower head has never been clogged.
    Also, my tub and surrounding area inside the shower stays clean of scale and even soap scum as long as I do see the soap away before leaving the shower. And I found I can use less body soap and shampoo!!! This item rocks big time.
    I’m getting more for a friend who wants to see for herself 🙂

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