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Goat Milk Soap with Pascalite Clay



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Everyone needs to experience this incredible natural soap, enhanced with Pascalite Clay from the Big Horn Mts. We start with a goat milk soap base then add the Pascalite Clay. There is NO scent to the soap. A little goes a long way as it is so concentrated and stays with you a long time. Great for those with dry or oily skin. Wonder Goat Milk Soap is great as a special gift for babies to adults. Treat yourself today. Use it once and notice the difference. Our 4-ounce bar has been made since 2005 and is getting more popular every year. In most website orders Fern will put in a sample, if there is extra weight allowed.


Please note, for maximum skin cleaning; use a vegetable fiber dry brush before a bath or shower.

When in shower or tub get benefits from the natural fiber Ayate Cloth sold on our website.


Hi Fern,

I wanted to share some exciting news about your wonder soap. My mom had a deep black something in the middle of her forehead. She saw a dermatologist, who said it was too deep to do surgery on it. I was visiting her and I suggested putting a little wonder soap on it, letting it dry….and sleeping with the soap on. After a few nights, a long black substance, which looked like a piece out of a lead pencil, just fell out. No trauma, no surgery, no pain! What a gift your products are! I love so many of them!

S. Cohen Buffalo Grove IL
Dear Fern,

Just needed to tell you the wonderful results of using the goat milk soap on my dog. He has suffered for two years from an auto-immune disease. We have to be mindful of any abnormalities. After being groomed, he developed a rash on his back (bumps, with scaling and oozing). I put him in the tub and suds him with the goat milk soap, after trying other remedies recommended by the Vet (which did not work). After sudsing him with the goat milk soap, I rinsed him, but left a residue of the soap. The next day, seeping had stopped, bumps were reduced. The 2nd day, all signs of the rash disappeared and he was happily comfortable. I have also used the soap on my body to get rid of “age bumps”…which also disappeared after a week of daily showering with the soap. My precious dog thanks you, as do I, from our hearts for one more great product.

Dear Mom,

10 years ago I told you we only had fancy expensive scented soap in our bathroom, by my wife’s choice. I told you NO thanks we did not want your soap. Now 10 years later I realize that soap only caused problems. I recently experienced an uncomfortable heat sweat rash on my legs when I was working in humid Kansas. I took a sample you gave me years ago out of the glove box and lathered it up and applied the lather to my legs, left it on for 3 hours. I then showered it off and 80% of the rash disappeared and healing began, Thank you, Mom. For some reason you are always right…..

Your son, Alyn.
Dear Fern,

I am a guy and sometimes I like to get in and out of the shower very fast. I love using the goat milk soap as a shampoo as well as an all over body soap with great results.

Keeping clean!


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