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β€œIt’s not what you digest, it’s what you absorb.” Healing from the inside out.

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Pure, natural, unpolluted spring water is naturally structured water.
Energized water has had its molecules returned to their original life-giving,
super moisturizing state and allows maximum moisture absorption into the
cells of our bodies.

Raise the pH, and improve the ORP (Oxidation-reduction potential), of the
water you treat. Energized water can be created by restructuring ordinary
tap water, distilled water or even reverse osmosis filtered water.

To create your energized water you:
1) Begin with a glass or glazed ceramic gallon jug.
2) Rinse your bag of Prill Beads to remove all dust.
3) Place your beads in the bottom of the jug, still in the bag.
4) Add one Crystal Peals or more at a time depending on the taste you prefer.
5) Fill your gallon jug up with water, do not replace the lid if chlorine is
present in your water.
6) Let stand for 24 hours.

You now have energized water. You can pour off 3 quarts, always leaving one
quart of water covering your Prill beads and crystal pearls. Refill your jug and
from here on it only takes 1 hour after your first batch to have recharged
energized water.

Whenever I leave the house I place a couple of Crystal Pearls in my glass
water bottle to help keep the water charged at peak.
I also keep a mister bottle of energy water available with a couple of Crystal
Pearls to spray on my face during the day…..Great hydration.


Directions for use…
Drop one to four Crystal Pearls into your water, to achieve the level of taste
and vitality that you desire. Crystal Pearls do not dissolve, use them over and

The length of time to create Energized Water depends on your starting water
– the source (well water, spring water, city tap water) and it’s mineral
content. Also, your state of health will determine your perception of it. For a
healthy person, Energizing will take about 5 minutes for drinking, 12 hours for
spray-on or plant extraction quality.

Recommended Use
Crystal Pearls work (in conjunction with Prill Beads) to super-hydrate your
cells with energized, Life-force enhance Water to enhance proper nutrient
absorption and toxic elimination.
You may warm up a gallon or two of the energized water and place in a bath tub for a wonderful energizing bath.

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