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Wonder Dryer Balls

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A Natural Energy Saving / Health Product for your Clothes Dryer!
We have the power to save “Energy” today, for the generations of tomorrow.

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Buy 2 get 1 free
Buy 2 get 1 free
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“WONDER DRYER BALLS” A Natural Energy Saving / Health Product for your Clothes Dryer! We have the power to save “Energy” today, for the generations of tomorrow. “WONDER DRYER BALLS” benefits include:

  1. Energy savings because of reduced drying time.
  2. Ironing alternatives. (See instructions below).
  3. Reduced wrinkles.
  4. Reduced static cling on all natural fiber fabrics (i.e. less friction between clothing).
  5. Softening for your laundry.
  6. Removal of extra lint particles. (Really works great ! ! !)
  7. Non-toxic for use around small children and pets.
  8. Hypo-allergenic for skin sensitive people.
  9. Colorfast on all fabrics.
  10. Non-perfumed.
  12. Buy the best.

Do not be mislead with cheap imitations DRYING ALTERNATIVE: Use all three of the “WONDER DRYER BALLS” in the dryer so they can work together. Place them in dryer along with your damp load of laundry and leave them there for each and every load. Important, do not overload the dryer and do clean your lint filter every time you use it. Start the dryer at your desired heat setting. (A higher heat setting for anything but delicate items is actually better). As the dryer drum turns, the “WONDER DRYER BALLS” retain the heat with the little “nubs” on the ball begin to lift and separate your damp clothing while evenly pushing hot air through them. All fabrics dry faster and soften “naturally”. All you need to do laundry is the WONDER BALL from Mystic Wonders for your washing machine and the ” WONDER DRYER BALLS” for your clothes dryer. Fabric Softener = Health Risks  IRONING ALTERNATIVE: Take any items that are clean and dry but have wrinkles, and put them in the dryer.

Turn the dryer on at the highest heat setting your garments will tolerate for approximately 10 minutes. Remove them before the dryer stops and place on a hanger to cool off. The wrinkles will be gone. When you don’t want to iron again use the “WONDER DRYER BALLS”. You will see great results! IMPORTANT: For the best running dryer, please check and clean your exhaust tubing behind the dryer once or twice a year.

“It is not that hard to take off and is well worth the time. When I bought my new place, I simply took off the exhaust tubing and washed it out with garden hose . Over 2 pounds of lint, old detergents and dog hair came out.”

Comment from Fern Gunderson. 

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1 review for Wonder Dryer Balls

  1. 5 out of 5


    These “balls” have been a part of my laundry routine for years: my clothes are cleaner and longer lasting. I will never return to the chemical laden washing/drying process nor will I buy the cheaper copycat products that are now on the market…those copycats are not this stellar cleaning/drying system. Well worth the investment in our health and life of clothing!

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