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Feng Shui Frog


These hand carved Chinese Feng Shui Teak Wood Frog will “ribit” or give the natural call of a frog if you roll the wooden stick over the steps on its back.


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Use as a vintage toy or provide Feng Shui for Wealth and Prosperity. The idea for this frog came from Thai Folk Wisdom, Indigenous Knowledge, and is one of the “OTO” products (done for the benefit of Buddhist Temples in Northern Thailand and Southern China) as well.

This Feng Shui Frog can be a gift / toy for your child, grandchildren, yourself or a special gift for someone that is has everything. Placing the frog facing your entrance improves prosperity. (Fern Gunderson has had one of these since early 2004. They do work!)

Size: 1.5 inch

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