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NutraGel Premium Skin Care

Ingredients:  Stabilized aloe, Coconut oil, Shea butter, MSM



Scientific Breakthrough in Natural Skin Care

The secret is “stabilized” aloe!

When aloe is harvested, the plant releases a destructive enzyme that destroys the most important factor in aloe called Acemannan.  Using our unique process, we remove the destructive enzyme to “stabilize” the aloe and retain its incredible healing properties!

Younger, healthier looking skin!

Natural, healthy ingredients, for beauty that goes skin deep!

  • Daily, nightly moisturizer
  • Great on dry scalps
  • Apply before and after each cancer radiation treatment
  • Before and after sun tanning
  • Use for many skin conditions
  • Great intimacy moisturizer!

No matter how much aloe they claim, all other aloes are not “stabilized.”

NutraGel, the only stabilized aloe!

Natural Sun Care

No harmful sunblock chemicals, just natural ingredients to nourish your skin for a safe, healthy tan!

Apply before and after sun exposure

Note:  Hawaii has banned chemical sunscreens because they kill coral reefs.

Radiation burns

After seeing the horrible radiation burns caused by the atomic bombs, scientists found that fresh aloe healed these wounds, but it had to be fresh as aloe in storage did not work.  Since there was no way to “stabilize” the aloe, the discovery was forgotten.  Now there is NutraGel.


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